My First Ever Game of AUTOMATE CHESS

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In this video, I play a variant called Automate Chess. The variant involves determining my initial setup of pieces and then letting Stockfish do the rest! Try Automate Chess along with other variants:

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  1. That 12 year olds Xbox gamer tag is great

  2. his bishops not that good against my pphawn

  3. automate engines suck stockfish would just win

  4. just btw a three dimensional rectangle is called a rectangular cuboid

  5. Is him an Im it cant be
    even me i am better

  6. I remember just placing 3 queens, 6 pawns, king and probably a rook or bishop with what was left

  7. A three dimensional rectangle is a cuboid

  8. makes a pawn square calls it pawn cube …makes a rectangle names it a stretched out cube..😂😂

  9. Subtitles changes pawn to porn. Come on YouTube 🤦‍♂️

  10. “You can’t mate with horses”

    Yeah…. Zoonosis is some serious shit.

  11. When I played this mode I ragequit after watching the engine draw a 2 rook vs king and pawn endgame by sacrificing both rooks for the pawn

  12. eric: whats a 3 dimensional rectangle, a prism ?, his 2nd grade maths teacher: 😐

  13. You should have to spend points on what level stockfish you get

  14. I just played my first game of automate. 271 moves and then draw by adjudication. My second is playing out right now. 140 moves in and 100 of that is just shuffling.

  15. A three-dimensional rectangle is a cuboid

  16. 8:28
    Stockfish 14 agrees with it's predecessor that this is a dead draw. Best 5 moves are 0 at depth 35.

  17. Engines need to think a little while, or they make horrible moves. I'd like to see this variant where people can agree to how many seconds the engine has to think.

  18. It would be cool if it was like a tower defense gamemode where you place peices as the game goes on and captured peices gain points to spend on material

  19. Imagine if they added Amazon to automate?

  20. A three dimensional rectangle is cubeoid

  21. Hello future weznekain I can’t read or hear your name

  22. This is kind of like choker where you place the pieces you get and then you play chess. Also hi.

  23. Glad Rosen found this variant. It's really a fun format.

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