Must see!!! Chess Vs Chinese Chess (Xiangqi)

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  1. I Kinda Love This Video But I Wonder If The Pieces Are Combined By Order

  2. Did you know that you can checkmate him in one move u just have to move the cannon

  3. Really intereting concept, but i believe elephants can only move 2 squares, not 1. Also, I think the "kingdom" played very poorly here and had moves that made no sense.

  4. Los elefantes no pueden cruzar la mitad del tablero son netamente defensivos

  5. Explanation:

    The looking arrow is the soldier, they attack in front of them and also attack in sides

    The canon is called "Leopard" It attacks by jumping over pieces

    The knight is the same as chess

    The corner car is called Rook, it attacks same like chess rook

    The elephant is use to defense, not for attack

    For the bodyguard idk which one, but its also for defense

  6. It's actually checkmate if you just move the cannon right in front of the king in the first move.

  7. No chinese chess 's horsey is little diffrentThey cant jump another thing

  8. Why did the cannon on the square b6 didn't move to e6 when white move the pawn to b4 that would be the fastest checkmate

  9. Chinese chess can checkmate at start

  10. the Ch2n2se pieces made illegal moves. Besides of that the match was full of blunders

  11. You can literly check mate with the cannon on the first move

  12. My sister does a cheap move in 象棋 when i don't notice

  13. Neve let them know ur next move:moves cannon in front of kings pawn

  14. The thing in the chess is the queen/king can move everywhere.

  15. it can't jump across pieces mate, not the cannons and how is the elephant moving one block at a time

  16. Bro why were there so many illegal xianqi moves, cannons jumping over horses and elephants moving one square

  17. 这么弱智的AI,真心不建议展示出来,丢人现眼。syno chess 中国象棋方的兵一般都不冲的。

  18. This was very interesting to watch! Some of the movements of the xiangqi pieces were weird (didn't apply by xiangqi rules) but I understand it must be hard to fit the pieces onto an international chess board. Very cool!

  19. The elephant can only move diagonally I think

  20. Why cannons leap without capturing ? Just like korean Cannon ?

  21. I think the white pieces didn't play well enough; and if red plays first, then the "white pieces" should be black

  22. So….. The cannon could checkmate the king on 1st move after White mistake? 👀

  23. In the Chinese chess, the elephants is used for defense, not for attack

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