Loot From 1000 RASIAL – The Ultimate Rasial money making guide RS3

I Defeated the Rasial boss in Runescape 3 over 1000 Times. In this video I give an overview of the loot, gp, xp and more that I gained from doing the new necromancy boss.

– Timestamps –
0:00 intro
0:13 Animation
1:38 Overview
2:40 Rasial setup
10:53 Rasial mechanics
13:14 Rasial guide
15:19 Rasial Loot

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  1. I subbed purely in the hopes that I could see more of that intro animation

  2. Omg , that’s intro was insane ! That was amazing 🤩

  3. bro jagex needs to pay you to do stuff like this for the game this shit is awesome bro

  4. Stayed for the video, subbed for the animations! Wow

  5. Jesus Christ that into caught me off guard 😂 bro gave us an entire anime fight

  6. dude fuck this boss got 2 drops in 575 kc

  7. As a huge fan of tekken ,The intro alone deserve a subscrib

  8. Insane intro, well made. now im about to watch the guide =)

  9. Insane intro! Easy sub, also I thought darkness doesn’t work here because he can’t splash?

  10. I can't even kill it. I need codex and gear. and I am not paying 5b in bonds.. to kill it.

  11. I'm taking way too much damage during this fight, I'm even using the vampyrism aura and that still isn't enough to sustain me. I burn through so much food that it doesn't make sense to farm this boss for long. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm using essentially everything you show in this guide. My off hand doesn't have aftershock 4 though but I have Invigorating 4/undead slayer, etc.

  12. Sorry but that intro deserves 1M subs 💯💯💯

  13. Any chance you can do this for Araxii. I am trying to upgrade to tier 90

  14. im not sure why, but despite doing exactly as you say, i just get destroyed. i start the fight with skulls as you say….only to watch him yeet himself to the far corner of the room so hes out of range of skulls. then i try living death -> skulls and then somehow skulls has a full 1min timer…like how? and the entire fight im constantly struggling to stay above 20% hp

  15. Bro the Tekken intro holy shit 👏👏👏👏

  16. Is that Tekken 8 trailer music I hear in the intro animation?

  17. Wow dude your content is insane. Best in the biz.

  18. Super low quality animations, what's with the constantly looping graphic of your character shrugging while explaining the gp per hour? It looks cheap

  19. I can’t believe how you beat up an old, decrepit man like that. Poor Rasial 🙁

  20. Hiii, I have a question regarding your videos,

    Where do you get the character to rotate without background to showcase the gear that you are talking about?

  21. I don't use to comment, but this content is on the right way to perfect! Your work is honorable, congratulations, no more!

  22. where is the link to the pvme or whatever it's called

  23. Lmao that intro animation, i got yakuza/mortal kombat vibes, weird!

  24. if you added the MK bicycle kick i would die laughing

  25. I hope you won't stop making videos, very nice animations and edits! Good luck!

  26. Nice video! Darkness doesnt work on Rasial btw, so good thing you didn’t use it

  27. Solid content as always dude, the wait is definitely worth it 🙌

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