Loot From 1000 RASIAL – The Ultimate Rasial money making guide RS3

I Defeated the Rasial boss in Runescape 3 over 1000 Times. In this video I give an overview of the loot, gp, xp and more that I gained from doing the new necromancy boss.

– Timestamps –
0:00 intro
0:13 Animation
1:38 Overview
2:40 Rasial setup
10:53 Rasial mechanics
13:14 Rasial guide
15:19 Rasial Loot

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  1. Was that Jin Kazama Vs Kazuya Kazama???? Godlyyyy animations dude!!!

  2. BEST guide and amazing inviting intro MK style!!!!!

  3. you get the subscribe for that intro lmmmao im rolling

  4. intro animation is great hahaha, but melee doesnt kill rasial and u kno that 😛

  5. That intro was amazing At this point I wont be surprised if you do animation for rs3 quests

  6. "some what common" im on 1000 kills with 2 drops , 1 being pet. Trolled.

  7. BROOOOOO how am I supposed to watch the video before commenting on that intro? Absolute fire!!!

  8. I follow the rotation and the only thing i dont have is mahj aura. Even with spam eating and hellhound i just die so fast in T90 power. When i lose my ghost i just cant survive

  9. You render a tekken fight then add your touch to it. amazing, what tool or program do you use?

  10. 15:30 This statement harkens back to one of Mod Jack's streams discussing drop chances and potential ideas for fixing bad luck. He had mentioned one possibility being increase the chances of the rare unique items, but nerfing the common loot. Perhaps this drop table was intentionally made so as an experiment for loot, in addition to teaching Necromancy combat.

  11. I'm way too high for this 😂 Crazy intro my friend hahahahaha

  12. lol i got my 3rd soulbound lantern drop while watching this video, i'm at 1005 kc btw

  13. These videos man, I don't even play RS3 anymore and i watch them all for the quality

  14. Pardon me sir that intro animation did not need to go THAT FKING HARD.

  15. Intro alone was worth a sub. Now I hope this boss pays out because I have 110 kills so far and no drops.

  16. I like how you break it down using easier to obtain items then those insanely high priced weapon switch techniques, and showing that you can do it at a lower level. Looking forward to this boss. Thank you.

  17. Your Mh perks should be on your oh and vice versa. Atleast so I've been told and heard.

  18. I never like, or subscribe at all. But bro, your animation was so good that is was worth all of the above good job man!

  19. I have never seen your videos until now. I am nowsubbed just for the badass intro animation! That's some talent you've got sir!!

  20. You are official the best rs content creator in the bizz! Keep it up! Get those views

  21. Holllleeey shite, that intro might be the best rs3 content I've ever seen

  22. Was that intro actual in game content? I've never seen mortal combat style battles in pvm before… I'm skeptical.

  23. best content creator at this point in the game keep up the good work bruv

  24. I get absolutely butt fucked with the same gear it makes no sense

  25. I am extremly impressed with your dedication and quality of your videos! Well done

  26. I died so many times to rasial that I managed to put up numbers upward of 2mil in total death fees, and even more so in resource supply losses…

    I finally killed rasial, after all that loss, to get 2. TWO, powerful mementos. And I never fought him again.

  27. WTF!? amazing intro that was actually fucking sick!!

  28. Thank you for being the FIRST rs3 content creator to go after this level of quality for your videos. Keep it up.

  29. Looks like I can safely retire from making loot videos for the RS3 community, been making for almost 4 years now as I was the 2nd ever person to do it (A Friend was the 1st) but noticed from your Arch-Glacor video you would pass me instantly from the editting even when you had below 600~ subs. Also you have gotten not one, not two, but THREE shoutouts from Jagex meaning they notice you and not me to be the face of the loot videos which I'm proud someone was able too. Was rather lonely being the ONLY RS3 content creator doing loot videos for so many years once A Friend stopped, glady took his place but lacked editting knowledge.

  30. I'm taking way too much damage during this fight, I'm even using the vampyrism aura and that still isn't enough to sustain me. I burn through so much food that it doesn't make sense to farm this boss for long. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm using essentially everything you show in this guide. My off hand doesn't have aftershock 4 though but I have Invigorating 4/undead slayer, etc.

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