LOKA – New Fantasy Chess Variant by Mantic Games – AncientChess.com

Close look at this new game set. Loka, created by Alessio Cavatore (inventor of Shuuro and Turanga): A game for 4 players with endless possibilities. Very imaginative and realized with artistic flare, this game incorporates the best qualities of ancient and contemporary chess variants, together with mythology, fantasy and popular power card games.


  1. Yes, they should be painted, the same as for plastic soldiers.In that way you can really and truly make the set to your own and your own liking.

  2. can you find me a manual for the taikyoku shogi variant? i'm trying to make one and wikipedia has failed me.

  3. This is awesome but the Knight is a griffin and the queen is a Valkyrie, just thought that was cool

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