List of Every Chess Openings – 1. A00 Anderssen’s Opening

♔ Greetings! In this series, our aim is to introduce you to a comprehensive collection of chess openings and variants through their names. For beginners, a great starting point is familiarizing yourself with the names of game openings. Have you ever found yourself watching a grandmaster’s video explaining an opening, then trying to compare it with another one using its name, only to feel lost in the terminology? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

♛ The central focus of this series is to provide the names of existing openings, without an elaborate explanation attached to them. The initial videos will offer a relaxed and straightforward presentation, ensuring an enjoyable learning experience for you. Hope you enjoy.

♙1. A00 Anderssen’s Opening
1 a3

00:00 Anderssen’s Opening
00:05 Polish Gambit
00:12 Creepy Crawly Formation
00:20 Andersspike
00:27 Games played in Chess Online Databases and Masters
00:37 Most common responses in Chess Online
00:52 Most common responses in Masters Databases

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