Levy’s First DUCK CHESS Game

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  1. Levy Rozman:
    International Master at Chess
    Grandmaster at Duck Chess
    World Champion at Chessable

  2. Well at least now the Levy's quacks are natural if he ever lets one out of his mouth during duck chess.

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  4. What the duck is that doing at the chessboard.

  5. Good to see I’m not the only one thinking that duck does An L!

  6. Has anybody realised ducks are completely useless against knights…
    Knights supremacy

  7. I just stared video and saw in chat "hikaru playing genshin impact". WTH?

  8. There should be an over the board variant of this where there is a real duck that can move arbitrarily by itself after you place it on a sqaure each turn.

  9. Are you planning on making full videos on duck chess? It seems hype

  10. What about chess world speak this week and today: Hans cheating and duck chess

  11. reminds me of that one video called "Chess 2", where i think it was a monkey? could've been an elephant. the one with the banana king and the fish queen, and the monkey could save the king because he had a banana, but only once, and the elephants could only move exactly 2 spaces diagonally. yeah?

  12. The opponent should've gone for Ducktch Defense instead

  13. I wanna see “5D anti duck chess with multiverse time travel 960”

  14. People wanting this in OTB, I wonder how Magnus will handle the extra layer of the duck.

  15. The duck changes the game so dramatically it is almost a different game. Opening theory changes a lot

  16. this looks like a game mode anarchy chess made up/

  17. Now we also need a goose, where one pawn/piece it sees has to move

  18. Why does nobody ever hang their queen like that in any of my games >_>

  19. Aaaargh… stop cutting… I cant follow the game… I'm sorry but I know why I am Team eric

  20. I just played a dick chess game and I was pretty confused. I won my first game. You have to move the duck. I would have had him sooner I think if I just left the duck where it was for a turn. Not sure if you can walk into check if you can block the capture with the duck though. It's fun. I'll probably play it some more. For most of the beginning I just blocked where his knights would usually come out.

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