Lego Media 1998 Logo

Logo: Same as the post-2002 variant of the previous logo, but when the logo is complete, it moves to the top left corner, and “media” (in white) with a yellow M-shaped brick below it, zooms in.


On some games, “media” zooms in much faster and bounces back.
On Lego Friends (not to be confused with the later Lego line of the same name), the entire logo is sped up.
On the PC version of Lego Rock Raiders, the previous variant is used, but after the logo finishes a copyright stamp fades below. On the PlayStation version of the same game, the copyright remains for the entire animation of the logo, and is in a different font.
The Nintendo 64 version of Lego Racers simply has the completed Lego logo fade in, and ends with the same copyright stamp on the Rock Raiders variant.
On Lego Alpha Team, the first variant plays, and when it ends, a different copyright stamp appears.
On Lego Stunt Rally, the normal version plays and then cuts to a still version with the same copyright stamp as before.
On Game Boy Color games, the logo is still. The GBC version of Lego Stunt Rally has the same copyright information as the other 2000s Lego games as well as “Licensed by Nintendo” on top of the copyright.
Technique: Same as before, but with subtle differences.

Music/Sounds: Same as before, but with a heavy boulder-y “thud” when the M brick appears. On the Nintendo 64 version of Lego Racers, a twinkling sound and a droning bassy pad note play, and when the M brick appears a gunshot is heard.

Availability: First appeared on Lego Loco, and eventually appeared on Lego Creator, Lego Chess, Lego Friends, Lego Racers, Lego Rock Raiders, Legoland, Lego Alpha Team and Lego Stunt Rally.


  1. Visual: On a black background, a bunch of multicolored Lego pieces fall from the top of the sky, almost like rain. The pieces all come together to form the Lego corporate logo. The logo zooms out to the top-right. A stylistic letter "M" cut off to the bottom with 8 dots on top (which represents a Lego piece) and the word "media" with a red dot next to it zooms in. Audio: Magical twinkling sounds, then what sounds like a door being shut.

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