Kung Fu Chess| A Brand New Chess Variant With Timer

We are back again with another brand new chess variant. This is known by Kung Fu Chess. You can play this variant here-
Witness the greatest Battle between Horde of Unicorns Protected Knights vs Horde of Rooks on a 10×10 board. My Laptop literally Blown up. Stockfish gone crazy. I don’t know if all the moves are correct but I tried my level best. Have fun!!
All the credit goes to Fabian Fichter. The legendary creator of Fairy Stockfish.
If you want to use his engine then just search fairy stockfish in google.
God Save The King.


  1. Um actually it's not new since it's already exist in the early 2000s 🤓

  2. wasn't Qg7# an option a long while, while the rook was guarding it? You only need to wait for the queen timer then, right?

  3. There are so many unknown geniuses in the world…

    I was amazed when you move your pawn pile on A columm to make an escape route for king

    (What's that TTS Program you are using? I've heard that voice across many chess channels)

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