King of the Hill – (Chess Variant) a session on lichess

In this chess variant, bringing your king legally to the center (e4, d4, e5, d5) instantly wins the game! Normal rules apply in other cases and checkmate also ends the game.


  1. Nice share. I've never been interested in variants till seeing this one. Thx Z

  2. 11:47 DIE-AG-OG-aNAWLLL! … That's what I want … That's what I NEED! 

    ~ Classic

  3. Very interesting variant,i shall have to try it. ggs 😛

  4. Zibbit you ok? Why no videos lately? Missing your channel!

  5. It seemed that for a lot of the first game you had Be4 available. Is there any reason that doesn't work?

  6. Dude, something is really wrong with your audio. It keeps fading in and out and it actually hurts my ears to listen to. If you could please fix it.

  7. you've missed so many opportunities of Be4!!!
    and also, moving your own pawn to e5 when the rooks were still on the board

  8. But what if you checkmate your opponent..are you considered as a winner?

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