It’s time.

It’s time to take my chess board to the next level. I teamed up with the very talented Mike McCrory with the youtube channel @woodumakeit to turn my double-sided chess discs into a hand-crafted wood chess set. Embark on a laughter-packed adventure through the skibidi toilet wiki universe. Explore the series origins, unravel character backstories, and stay updated on the latest episodes that continue to define the Skibidi Toilet legacy. Join the community of enthusiasts and experience the infectious humor of Skibidi Toilet!

Check out WoodUMakeIt’s video about how this Chess set was made:

Need to print White? Check out Ghost White Toner:

Are you interested in buying some Wooden Double-Sided Chess discs? Check out:


  1. Normal thumbnails from Triple S games: “How to play….” This thumbnail: *It’s Time.*

  2. I thought he was dumping the line we all know him for,
    "The Rules are the same as Regular Chess, except for these changes."

  3. But which ones are the white pieces, and which are black? The white on black or black on white?

  4. The next level: how to play. The rules are the same as the current level, except for these changes.

  5. this dudes sticker accuracy blows my mind

  6. The chess set is the same as a regular chess set, except for these changes.

  7. He's finally gone insane and mad with power

  8. I like to imagine that even when your not explaining something, your speech patterns don't change. It's kinda your thing.

  9. This entire video is basically just two sponsorships

  10. The bishop icon may get mixed up with the king icon since both of them have a cross on the top

  11. I thought it was gonna say

    It's time to touch grass

  12. It would be even better if the pieces were 3D

  13. The contrast was definitely a good call. Looks great

  14. He can finally remake his how to play chess video

  15. Great videos What is the music on this one

  16. I would just listen to this guy talk

  17. Why does he take and then flip the pieces at one point in the video? Is that a format?

  18. I thought it was gonna be sad news but the glow up is just E P I C

  19. "It's time – how to play. The rules are the same as the original chess except for these changes…."

  20. It would be awesome if u do the video of how to play chaturanji, the original one since it's confusing because everyone plays it as they please.

  21. Make a playlist about Connect IV variants.

  22. i thought the pawns would have a queen in the reverse

  23. What's the variant in which your chess piece turns coat after it takes an enemy piece?

  24. the rules are the same as regular chess, except for the board and pieces

  25. Worked so hard just to remake his "How to Play Chess" Video

    I'm so impressed with your work!
    – Teardrop (British)

  26. Since I've been binging chess variant videos, when this one was recommended to me I almost took it as a "It's time to stop" joke

  27. for a second i thought you were gonna stop making chess variation explanation videos

  28. I thought you would buy a new chessboard in ohio

  29. The rules are the same as regular chess, except for a lot time and money

  30. I’d love a smooth, gray stone board, with black and white colored board squares, and stone pieces that are red and blue
    But that’d be so much money

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