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A fun and tricky gambit for the White pieces: the Tennison. The Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Variation. Best achieved after Nf3 d5 e4, but can also be added to your 1. e4 repertoire.

0:00 Intro

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  1. no its RT-2PM2 < Topol-M> cold-launched
    three-stage solid-propellant silo-based intercontinental ballistic missile

  2. If you like tomatos, chips running, memes and everthing, then this is the right video for you!

  3. i have an exam like after one hour and im watching this XD

  4. Chess Memes actually used this variant in one of its videos💀

  5. In an endgame I made someone have 2 double stacked pawns and one triple stack thing thing was I accidentally helped them create a fortress

  6. I saw that pawn take if not for you saying, "thats a free pawn" so often. I actually got game from you even if i dont know move orders. I come for concepts…

  7. Don't you hate it when a sukhoi su-35 takes out your queen

  8. am i the only one who is surprised no one is talking about chess memes? I'm referring to the og channel.

  9. levvvyyy why didnt u tell us about Bb4!!!!!

  10. For the first variation queen taking on c7 is actually VERY VERY bad because after they play Nc6, you’re queen is trapped. Then best move is to just develop knight. Finally, after you play that, they play Ne8 and win the queen on the next move. Nothing you can do. DONT PLAY Qxc7 IF YOU DONT WANT TO LOSE YOUR MATERIAL ADVANTAGE

  11. 3:37 "you should just take the pawn"

    Taking the pawn is actually a blunder because Nc6 traps your queen

  12. taking the pawn after winning the queen does not work either, black can simply trap your queen with Nc6.

  13. Long story short, Kim Jong-Un gonna approve that missile 100%

  14. this kind of suits the "the bishop from 100 miles away" meme but it's the queen

  15. I woudn't have fallen for the bishop trick because I watch top chess

  16. When levy was trying to say Scandinavian did anyone else hear scam the indi-
    I refuse to end the sentence cause this comment will be deleted

  17. Top Chess made a video with the exact mistake and tactics

  18. 3:48 levy:instead take the pawn
    Me: thinking that taking the pawn is way bad than the taking bishop

  19. What if after moving your knight to g5 they move queen to d5

  20. I don't know chess terms but I'm very curious about the reverse jelalabot

  21. This Gambit can be easily counter by the Main battle tank gambit

  22. Taking the pawn isn’t that good of a move. After Qxc7, Nc6, Nc3 and Ne8 traps the Queen.

  23. This opening should be illegal. Launching an intercontinental ballistic missile is a sure fire way to win every game

  24. 3:45 dont take the pawn because after KnightC6 queen is trapped

  25. So uhh i asked Chat GPT to write a poem about this and here's what i got…

    In the world of chess, there's a player bold,

    Whose moves are feared, and stories told,

    He hails from Gotham, a city dark,

    Where legends are made, and foes embark.

    His style is unique, his mind astute,

    He calculates every move to execute,

    But one day, he stunned the chess world,

    With a daring gambit, unfurled.

    The Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Gambit,

    Was his creation, his brainchild, his habit,

    He sacrificed a pawn, for a grand attack,

    And left his opponent in a state of shock.

    The board lit up with fiery passion,

    As the missiles soared in rapid fashion,

    The enemy king was caught off guard,

    As Gotham Chess, played his winning card.

    The crowd went wild, as he emerged victorious,

    His fame grew wide, his glory notorious,

    For he had proved his worth in the game,

    And earned his place in the hall of fame.

    Gotham Chess, a name to remember,

    A player of courage, a true contender,

    Who dares to challenge, who dares to risk,

    And with his genius, leaves his foes in the mist.

  26. Goated intro. I was so meh and then an intercontinental missile hit me before the video even began.

  27. did you put it in the description? no you did not

  28. This is North Korea’s favorite gambit. 😂

  29. after Qf3 d pawn could capture?


  31. What if after kg5 they play pawn to h6?

  32. Yes I want to win chess game in 5 moves

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