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In this video I added 28 new pieces to chess in a form of DLC. DLC in chess basically means that you can modify the board and what’s on it using the position editor. I also added my setups on my website for you to try out!

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  1. Can we call the pawn-rook = prook?
    Also, the elephant-dabbaba already has a name. Alibaba.

    29. Palace (7) – like king and rook
    30. Hashtag (7) – like king and knight
    31. Priest (5) – like king and bishop
    32. Frog (5) – like queen but jumps over a piece
    33. Cannon (4) – like rook but captures by jumping over another piece
    34. Eagle (4) – moves like queen but captures like knight
    35. Soldier (2) – one square straight forward or sideways
    36. Nwap (1.5) – like pawn but moves diagonally and captures forwards

  3. Ideas:
    The Even Queen – It only moves to and captures on squares that are an odd distance away from it.
    The Odd Queen – It only moves to and captures on squares that are an even distance away from it.

  4. Knight-bishop name idea: Ki-shop

    K n i ght
    Bi shop

  5. Did you know, what russian players calls bishop "elephant" (слон [slon])

  6. And I have a perfect name called The The commander the commander is actually replacement of the king because why they can do commands

  7. It moves like a king but more The twice a circle as the king can move like it can move to 8 squares but this time it can move into 10 + 8 squares it can make move to 18 squares

  8. πŸŸ₯πŸŸ₯πŸŸ₯πŸŸ₯πŸŸ₯
    πŸŸ₯πŸŸ₯ πŸŸ₯πŸŸ₯
    And there you have it That's how the commander moves

  9. Many peices here have other names like dab-elephant being called alibaba because it combines alfil and dabbaba

  10. For the knight that moves twice I just like to call it the 4D KNIGHT LOL also you should add the Viking which moves like wazir UP TO 3 times which makes a nice diamond, the unicorn is a piece that exist which moves once like a knight then moves outward like a bishop,
    For the silly peices like the knight that takes without moving, you could just call it the ranged knight

  11. When a knight gets to the end of the board it can change into a Archbishop, Amazon, Chancellor, Horsey-Pawn, Knight-Rider 2, Tripper, Kniper, 2x Moving Knight, No jumping Knight,OR Any of the leapers.

  12. The knight-bishop should be called the crusader, and the knight without moving should be called the jouster.

  13. Yeah, combine pieces with the king Or at the god peace, this is the DLC the delicious last course

  14. For knight-bishop, call it a paladin.

  15. Call the pieces that take without moving archers. Eg. Knight-archer.

  16. Tantalized Queen (-9) – Moves like a queen and can jump through pieces but it whenever it tries to attack, it instead moves 1 square southwest of the attacked piece (if there is no square southwest of the attacked piece, you immediately lose), after any turn number divisible by 3 except the 3rd move after moving the tantalized queen, can you only take the aforementioned attacked piece by the tantalized queen

  17. Daredevil Knight (5) moves like a knight but can be moved two times, but it can only move to a space where in a capture of a piece by another piece that has higher or lower (no equal) points than the captured piece, for example, a queen captured a bishop of f7, the daredevil can move there; the knight was taken by a bishop on b2, the daredevil can never ever move there even if a piece was captured by a higher or lower pointed piece on b2.

  18. Amelia Earhart (16) can move like a rook but can jump over any piece/s, but if you move it to any turn number that is a perfect cube number, it has a 67.34% chance to disappear completely and you must sacrifice 7 points material otherwise you lose

  19. 4th dimensional creature (45) moves and attacks like a pawn and a bishop but it can travel to any move turn, for example, you are on move 56, your game must reset to any move 10 before the number 56, so you can only use this ability on numbers 46-55 (the 4th dimensional create still stays on the same square as it was on turn 56, it removes any piece on the same square as it is on, no matter whose piece). You could also remove the piece and place it back to any move 10 after you had removed the piece, for example, you removed the 4th dimensional creature from the board of move 24, you can only place it back on move turns 25-34 (on the same square you removed it, if there is a piece on the same square, it gets removed no matter whose piece it is), if you forgot to place the 4th dimensional creature, your king gets transported to the 4th dimension and you automatically lose.

  20. 5th dimensional creature (623728) same as the 4th dimensional creature but it has no limits and can even transport from one game to another even if the game it transported to is played by completely different people

  21. 1:34 If you are going to be copying this stuff straight off Wikipedia, you should know that the giraffe moves in a 4 by 1 leap and the zebra moves in a 2 by 3 leap.

  22. The villager:moves forward,diagonally one space ahead of it.
    The were-knight:moves like a villager on light squares but moves like a knight on dark squares(reverses for black)

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