I Played The Oldest Form Of Chess

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Chess goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Intro – 0:00
Game 1 – 0:17
Game 2 – 6:12

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  1. In Russia we call figures like this:
    Bishop – Elephant [slon]
    Knight – Horse [kon']
    Rook – Rook [lad'ya]
    Queen – [ferz']
    King – King [korol']
    Pawn – Pawn [peshka]

  2. The thing that your pawn promotes to is 0.5 points and it’s called a mister

  3. In China we call bishops as elephants, knights as horses, and rooks as cars.

  4. I'll tell you what we call the pieces in india knight=horse bishop=camel rook=elephant queen=minister

  5. russians do call bishops elephants (slonovi) we call them (lovci) which means hunters

  6. How did you get the rule set to work for these? Is it pre set because I have had my own ideas for alternative chess I want to pursue but I haven't had anyone to play it with

  7. Bro this game is oridinated in india over 1500 years ago it was invented so kings can explain a battle statergies to their army


  9. This is the original chess where it was played like this in India, Iran, Arabian countries and all other world, until the original rules of chess changed by Queen of Spain Isabella, Where the piece Minister or Counselor changed to the name Queen with changing the way it moves as it is today by increasing it's power, the Elephant changed to Bishop with increasing the range of movement.
    That was savage distortion to original & Historical Rules.

  10. In my Country ,
    King = ноён ( king )
    Queen = Бэрс ( idk what's the meaning )
    Bishop = тэмээ ( Camel )
    Knight = Морь ( Horse )
    Rook = Тэрэг ( rook )
    Pawn = Хүү ( Child )

  11. 0:18 the game is Chataranga (said how it looks like). The spiky bishop is called the minister (if i remember correctly), it moved worse then a king! It moves one square diagonally, and was basically useless. The knight is called a horse, and it is basically the same without the name. The pawns are called foot-sliders. Extremely weird name and weird rule, and the rule is that it can’t promote so it is just like a barrier. The rooks are called chariots and moves the exact same. The king is also the exact same and that is it!

    Medieval chess at 6:13. The King moves one square in any direction.
    The Counsellor/Queen moves only one square diagonally. The Elephant/Bishop moves exactly 2 spaces diagonally. It can jump over other game pieces. This means that its movement is restricted to only 8 places on the board. The Knight moves like the modern chess knight: two spaces forward/backward or sideways plus one space at a right angle (an L-shape). The knight jumps over other pieces. The Rook moves like the modern one: unlimited movement forward, backward or sideways until it has reached another piece. It cannot jump. The Pawn moves one square forward when not capturing. Capturing occurs one step diagonally. Unlike modern chess, the pawn does not have the two-square step as the initial move. When pawns reach the other end of the board they are promoted to a counsellor.
    I did not find any research about the other new pieces shown. That is all!

  12. In medieval, what's the piece beside the king on the left?

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