I Played Chess 2 And It Was Insane

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Chess goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Intro – 0:00
Game 1 – 0:30
Game 2 – 2:57
Game 3 – 6:58

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  1. I love your content man! I know this isn't a chess related question, but how do you edit your background in the thumbnail. As a content creator myself, I would really appreciate your reply😁

  2. What is that elephantin the thumbnail and that knight with a queen on top or a crown?

  3. 5:37 that was the chancellor that took your piece, it’s a rook and a knight combined. Basically queen replacement. Btw the knight and queen is called the Amazon.

  4. No juicers were harmed in the making of this video

  5. my bro you underrated hope you goodluck my bro

  6. When I first saw your sub count, I honestly thought it was 500k, the quality of videos are amazing
    But you totally deserve it

  7. pawn chains together strong
    isolated pawns as villagers together strong

  8. Underrated content. Deserves more subs. One day you will become famous on YouTube I believe ❤️❤️ keep it up, man

  9. i wish pieces could "promote" in real chess like in shogi. imagine promoting the queen to unlock knight moves, or promoting a pawn to a *super-pawn* so it can move like a king

  10. 12:03 that is not mate there if the queen was in the corner tho it would be mate

  11. Day 1 Of Asking ChessNuke To Play Chinese Chess

  12. You got really underrated content, keep it up dude!

  13. Hat is the Omni pawn he is very complicated he’s baisically a pawn X10
    So you need to protect him too

  14. I am here to answer your questions:
    FAIRY STOCKFISH (hes stupidly op)
    XXL is fun when you know how to play

  15. I want to play this game mode where can I play it? btw you deserve a sub I hope you will get 10k soon 😀 continue the good work 🔥🔥🔥

  16. Hey, I just wanted to ask you for making a video about how to get to 1000 (I'm stuck at 960s ).

    Also your content is amazing, keep going!

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