I Made Chess, but It’s Infinite

What if chess held no borders? What if it was infinite?

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0:00 Introduction
1:48 Infinite Chess
2:57 Why?
4:57 How to play
8:09 Credits

Mate-in-ω positions:

* Sappheiros – Reaching Out:
* Chris Zabriskie – Unfoldment, Revealment…
* Aperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories – I Made It All Up:
* Montage Of Chips:

Stock footage by:
* Pixabay
* Freepik, downloaded from videvo.net
* Vecteezy.com

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  1. I magine you moved your queen and you axadently moved it 57^890^1^777^0^3^17^]8901 spaces

  2. you should make the arrows togglable with a key. It might make using more complex strategies more fluid and natural

  3. One must imaging the pawn happy

  4. The best part of infinite chess is that we all share the same board.

  5. Торнадо плюс петарда says:

    Imagine trying to make another queen, but realizing that you cannot cuz of the board having length of 23 million light years…

  6. Торнадо плюс петарда says:

    People:chess is veeeery boring.
    Him: im gonna do what's called:a pro gamer move.

  7. *Pans to show infinite chess board*
    Me: Shut up

  8. I have a idea to improve the game:
    1. pawns can move 1 space in any direction exept diagnoly and attack 1 space diagnoly
    2. More players like red, blue, green etc.

    (I dont think anyone will notice and none will use it)

  9. Now the bishop from another dimension is canon

  10. Is a Turing machine possible in infinite chess ?

  11. if that queen gets taken you aint never getting it back

  12. now there are more possibillitys than cells in the entire multiverse

  13. Why not a normal layout, but just have the pawns go infinitely?

  14. The normal Chess board has more possibilities than atoms in the universe, but with a board that big i’m pretty sure we can say that there are more atoms then in 10292838299^92882988^373737378282773728928373^29382992983872919837389192^1992873819928377728973778182873737 dimensions that each have 1029^272927^29389 multi-verses that each have 297^29272^192710 universes

  15. Infinite chess : exist
    My king : run away

  16. Now the question is how do u promote a pawn

  17. Casually misses by 10Ω^10Ω^10Ω^10Ω^10Ω squares

  18. What if instead of just being an infinite flat plain, the game takes place on an entire planet with buildings and shit on it? Actually, why stop there? Why not add 2 more planets that have entire civilizations of the different colored chess pieces, with the Queens moved over to their respective moon? And maybe there could be a way to modify the King and Queen to make them more powerful by infusing them with random objects? Like… imagine if you could fuse the King and Queen with a harlequin doll, your dog, and a dead bird with a katana stabbed through it. That'd be rad as hell.

    I also think the game could use a full RPG makeover with an in-depth housebuilder, as well as an exhaustive crafting system wherein any item can be combined with any other item in multiple ways that correspond to logic gates? While we're at it, the game should have a hilariously convoluted inventory system that's so esoteric that proper use can actually turn it into a viable weapon? I dunno, I just think this would make Chess (or maybe billiards too, if you're playing alone?) way more interesting.

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