I LOVE Fog of War Chess…

Where the f**k are my opponent’s pieces? I have no idea. But wait, I’m on a quest to find the best chess variant. Today, we are trying fog of war chess. I played e4 and my opponent responded with the Scandinavian defense. I played the mainline and proceeded to immediately protect my king in case the queen moved to the e-file. I continued with more or less the main line of the opening. You will notice that my opponent is rated almost 2000 elo so I had to play extremely well to win. He then proceeded to capture my knight which I recaptured before playing some moves. I then moved my rook before I moved my pawn to g3 because I suspected that he had fianchettoed his bishop. I was right. After trading bishops, we then proceeded to trade rooks. Then I decided to take a gamble and played the brilliant Nxc5. This caused my opponent to sac his rook and then his queen. I was sure I could win. One problem. He was basically 2000 elo. I moved my queen around not wanting to lose it. I thought that he had only pawns but little did I know that he also had knight. He found my king and captured it. I give fog of war an 8/10.

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  1. I like bughouse or whatever it is called. Crazyhouse is also cool. Solitare chess is good tho

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