I Beat the Most DIFFICULT Chess Variants…

I Beat all the most difficult Chess Variants! If you have any more variant suggestions, Comment them Below!


  1. under 1 hour gangs (before replying that one shit:im not a bot so cry about it)

  2. the fact that youre still below 25k is a shame

  3. talk about underrated πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ™

    Yall im boutta sub 😭 πŸ™


  5. Make a video on drawback chess but play until u get every drawback possible

  6. Do checkmate by castling without killing a piece (push pawns and force king behind you pawns)

  7. The way you won your drawback chess game is exactly why resigning the earlier one was stupid – you never know how your opponent is doing or what blunders their drawback might force them into

  8. try checkers spell chess or very large chess board

  9. I eat a croissant with chesse and hamπŸ₯πŸ§€

  10. Winning in all chess960 starting positions.

  11. This shop uses this currency -> €. aka, likes. So, a glass of milk is 2 likes, even though it says €2. It is the same thing.

    Checkered Chess Board = €5
    White/Black King Plushie = €8

  12. The first variant is ultra bullet, hyper bullet is 30 seconds, great video though

  13. Varianto 3 really thought he was winning

  14. 9:48 can't you just set up a chess board irl and play the moves that played in the game here?

  15. You should try a variant I came up with which is Atomic + Crazyhouse + Self capturing

  16. 6:51 promotion to a king? Now i want this feature in real chess

  17. Like an smp video but with chess… I like it!!

  18. 2:32, even though he blundered into checkmate; if he had've played a more sensible move – your move THEN should 100% have been to take the knight with the queen for the 2nd check. Rook/knight takes queen – forced, leaving you to check for the 3rd and final time with the bishop; d2.

  19. 2:40 you could sacrifice the queen then the bishop for the last 2 checks, the opponent probably tried to stay off the bishop diagonal and blundered mate in one

  20. its called take me not give away chess

  21. yo wtf he gained 2k subs in 13h bruh you're going up maboi.

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