I Beat EVERY Chess Variant…

I beat all of the most popular chess variants. I know there’s a bunch I missed but I just tried to include the most exciting ones. Let me know which Variants I should do next…


  1. You forgot spell chess lol I don’t think it still exist so you can’t play it

  2. Do these too if you want a challenge (all the variants below are on Pychess) :

    Grand Chess
    Spartan (assymetrical, so beat as both sides)

  3. You should look at some of the math behind infinite chess it's crazy.

  4. Video 2 of requesting a checkmate by bishop underpromotion

  5. Will you ever try Brawl Stars ? you siad you love brawl stars

  6. All the most popular variants? I think I missed the part where you played "5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel"… I think that's a quite popular one…

  7. racing kings is one of the most difficult bro

  8. Have you tried to get a Brilliant Move Checkmate in normal chess? That would be insane


  10. A Perfect Video!!!!

    I jist miss 5D Chess With Mutliverse Time Travel

  11. ah yes, Hikaru's long-lost brother, Nikaru Hakamura

  12. Where is 5d chess with multiverse time travel lol

  13. Why dont u try to get 2000 rating in blitz or rapid it would be a banger

  14. Bro forgot chaturanga and king of the hill btw im your subscriber my name is propleyer77fromid you are pro player than meπŸ‘πŸ‘

  15. The thumbnail have bug house but the video dont have

  16. Bro, can you try to do my challenge with 10 random generated challenges from 100 hardest ones? I would be really happy if my idea was shared with other people

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