How to Play The Sicilian Defense Dragon Variation?

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  1. Sicilian dragon is started from g6.After moves are just main line.

  2. I thought he was gonna play the whole match 😂

  3. It is confusing 😢 but im an chess varsity player

  4. Actually, the Dragon Variation was initiated after 5…g6 and 6…Bg7. What you shown was the Bc4 Yugoslav Attack against the Sicilian Dragon.

  5. As long as they play those moves. There’s so much to understand in each move though

  6. Wow… the Sicilian is so complex haha

  7. But you need to actually know the ideas of the variation before you can play it lol

  8. The Yugoslav attack (its really called that)

  9. Can you gives us tips whenever we can and cannot castle? (e.g. there's open files on king side, center is closed, etc)

  10. There's also this variation called Hyperaccelerated Dragon Variation which I usualy play when white opens with e4. This variation delays the Knight jump on f6 and instead plays the move pawn g6!?.

  11. So like a kings Indian set up without the c pawn?

  12. Amazing,
    But I am actually a fan of the najdorf more than the dragon but this is really good

  13. Love your videos bro. Btw can you make a video about triangulation? It would really help

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