How to Play The Sicilian Defense Dragon Variation?

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  1. This was probably a few seconds. But it gave me the vibes of a math class worth a whole coarse year lmfao

  2. Black is playing Sicilian while White is playing Yugoslav Attack

  3. What if 1 bishop c4 queen f3 threatening a mate

  4. I tend to play more of the najdorf to later break open the queen side however I might incorporate this opening to not get too bored lol

  5. Man your guides are the best ..the shortest also the easiest

  6. I though sisilian dragon was set up another way. can anybody drop their email or facebook so i can show you the setup i learned??? ive used this set up for 19 years thinking it was sisilian dragon. learned it in chess club 6th grade

  7. Title should be What is the Sicilian Dragon Variation? There's no how to anything here lol.

  8. You missed that Nc6 is before castle kingside and at the end its Rc8, Bb2, Ne5, h4 and h5

  9. Good video. But….and I say this with love…..please tell people WHY these moves are played. For example….d6 is for preventing white to advance his pawn so black can safely play Nf6.

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  11. Useless video coz doesn't explain a single move

  12. I love how he just yeets the pieces off 😂

  13. Fun fact:In Romanian, we call the bishop "nebun" which translates to crazy(adjective)/crazy("name")

  14. I was 600 elo when I started playing chess, today I reached 1000 elo and I'm thinking about playing Sicilian defense, it's practical and very known, I was playing Scandinavian every time someone uses e4 but I'm not sure if I'm ready for learning Sicilian so

  15. Since white's queen on d2 and and white's dark square bishop on e3 is lining up on h6,white can attack the fianchetto so I don't really prefer the dragon because this is what white normally does(which is attacking the fianchetto in this variation) and for the beginners,in the dragon sicilian,white attacks on the kingside and black attacks on the queenside leading to some chaos.

  16. White could just play the Moscow variation


  18. And the fact that stockfish always plays the Sicilian against the kings pawn proves it's a strong option.


  20. Just spent an hour learning this and predicting outcomes, I love it.

  21. At this point i dont know how he remembers this

  22. see, me and my opponent wouldn't be in so much conflict if they just play like this

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  24. You can play najdorf and dragon in the same time

  25. Always try to do this but enemy don't support😢😢

  26. Oh i play this move last night. Never know it is dragon variation stuff. Btw at 700+-

  27. I made my own Sicilian defence dragon variation

    It starts with white





    Any move next by white

    Then develop the knights in the corner and do the same Sicilian dragon defense

    I created this opening for my own cause i cant do Sicilian defence dragon so i just implemented it and maked my own, but i think others use my defense too

  28. Bro said d6 but i heard deez

    But deez what?

  29. Great video, I am 1800 and play the Najdorf and Taimonov, sometimes Kan but think the Dragon is for people who are not as advanced but is better for them than those.

  30. "Let's just get started." – If only more videos could be this way.

  31. When your oponent plays another move:😮

  32. Can you please do a vid abt old sicillian, but trap

  33. Forget dragon variation, I love your chess board

  34. Maybe that's why there's a hyper accelerated dragon…

  35. Bro it’s the kings Indian but every move was mixed up

  36. gonna be really funny when someone sees this and gets blown off the board by the next 15 moves of theory lol

  37. Simple guide,easy to understand,5 stars

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