How to Play Shuuro – New Chess Variant

Shuuro – a new chess variant. How to play, with a look at the pieces and the setup process. Available from


  1. placing a pawn behind a block? could be a defense strategy. maybe just a bad placement. there's so much to consider here!…

  2. Interesting question about the pieces. I also am fond of colorful pieces like this. However, right now they're only sold with the complete sets.

  3. if your knight is on top of the block is it untouchable except by other knight

  4. Yes! It "stands like a horse" for eternity, untouchable. This privilege of knights gives them something special, to compensate for the fact that — unlike bishop, rook and queen — the knights do not gain any extended mobility on the extra-large board.

  5. interesting. blue vs red, big board, set up at beginning … I can see some similarities. both are great games. Stratego has some very close relatives in China, including Luzhanqi and dou shou qi. I think they may all be derived originally from Chinese chess, but there are many possibilities in those ancient game origins…

  6. Yes, I actually believe it's derived from Chinese chess.

  7. 4:50 random sense of things! that made me laught. Also Nice t shirt

  8. Thanks for the comment. I have to admit, my random sense has a certain balanced aesthetic. That is my high fashion Aloha Gold Hawaiian shirt, available exclusively as a hand-me-down from the people who used to live in this house before we bought it.

  9. ok. hahaha!. aloha. If you sell the shirt let me know. I would pay with gold…

  10. Great idea! I'll have to run that by Alessio, the guy who invented the game. Very clever!

  11. I love your videos! I have a question for you. If you have a block on one of the first two rows, can you deploy (start the game) a piece on top of said block?

  12. Yes, only if it's a knight. Thanks for the good comment! More videos coming soon…

  13. oh man I thought of a variation thats ten times better than this game

  14. If humans had spent their time savoring new peaceful technologies (and discovering the Truth about their suppression) as much as a small subset enjoys chess and its many variations and styles, then it wouldn't have to be destroyed. Even so, while in this body I have a fondness for chess, and this variation is fascinating! I would expect that pawns have a terribly long way to go, but if structured with some efficiency both with each other and in relation to plints are still important.

  15. Having so many pieces makes things more interesting in plenty of way also (or being able to have them). Piece values can be assessed more dynamically all the time, various permutations of "cohorts" can be created, and "strike forces". There is proportionately more board to cover, etc. It is chess, but just MORE chess.Knights are special, but now MORE special because of PLINTS. Good thing too, or knights would be totally outshone by bishops. And then there is randomness, and non-prearrangements.

  16. Thanks for putting chess in perspective! We are all pawns, with a long way to go. Your comments are always welcome!

  17. At first, I was, "Er, I don't know." But after watching the full video, this sounds like a great variant!

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