How to Play Shuuro – New Chess Variant

Shuuro – a new chess variant. How to play, with a look at the pieces and the setup process. Available from


  1. Man, those knights are OP!

    If they land on one of the obstacles, can they be eaten by any other pieces but another knight?

  2. how much money would i get if i became the Shuuro world champion? Also, where can i find more Shuuro game database material? I have "100 Grandmaster Shuuro Games" by Justin Case and "Winning with knight to J3" by Dr. Starglow Flashlight and Richie Cunningham, but it's hard to find other works on the subject. Also, in blitz games, do you do set up first and then start the clock? Also, has anyone actually ever played this game?

  3. Interesting looking game Rick. I'm curious if you're aware of the old 3M bookshelf game series from the 1960s and 1970s. They were a high quality series of games made into a box that looked like a leather bound book when It sat on the shelf. They had a wide variety of games which included two interesting chess variants. One was called Feudal and the other was called Ploy. They're no longer in production but are very Interesting games easily available on eBay for a reasonable price. If you're interested there are some video reviews on YouTube.

  4. Its aswm but I don't like the buying and arranging pieces.Its a slow process.

  5. Interessante, eu gostaris de trazer este jogo para o Brasil

  6. did you make up this game? cause if u do then damn u'r a genius, love it

  7. The most interesting thing about Chess Variants is creating them.

  8. does the knight just ignores the blocks or does it effect its movemant?

  9. One of my pet peeves has always been putting unnecessary 0s on the end of everything. Instead of 800 points and everything costing 110/70/40/40/10, why not 80 points and everything costing 11/7/4/4/1. Much simpler, lol

  10. I only have a few questions. What's your name, what's your website, what is this video about.

  11. J̶᷊︣ǒ̷͖ḩ̸́n̴͓̑ṋ̷̌ỳ̵̦ D̷̠̽e̶̹͡e̸̞͋p̶̫͊ says:

    Interesting game! I might remove the use of dice so as to make it a pure strategy game. And now that sells 12×12 vinyl boards (with 2.25" squares), it would be easy to build a game. Amazon even sells a set of 10 nice 2"x2" wooden cubes for $16 USD 🙂
    EDIT: though it looks like you would need to buy 5 complete sets of chess pieces to handle the number of pieces allowed, which is up to 9 bishops, 9 knights, 6 rooks, 3 queens, 1 king and 18 pawns! And then you'd have a huge number of extra pawns lying around…

  12. 10 year ago!! Maybe this mod needs 10 years more to be popular!! maybe 100 years or in other life!!

  13. Oh no, are they putting ads on my videos now … even though I didn't 'go commercial'? Argh.

  14. Kshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Can’t beat ancient YouTube

    Cool variant

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