How to play Shatranj Chess

Learn the rules to Shatranj Chess quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original Chess rules, check out this video:

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Setup the board with elephants instead of bishops, and a counselor instead of a queen. Place the king on the D column and the counselor on the E. Elephants move exactly 2 spaces diagonally, jumping over the first space. The counselor moves exactly 1 space diagonally. The rook is technically called a chariot but has the same movements as a rook. The knight is technically called a horse, but has the same movements as a knight. And the pawn is technically called a soldier, but it has the same movements as a pawn.

Castling is not allowed. Pawns are not allowed the first 2 step option, therefor en passant is not allowed. When a pawn reached the farthest row, it is promoted to a counselor. If you stalemate your opponent you win. The first player to checkmate or stalemate their opponent, wins.


  1. It's mysterious as the game and all the pieces are named the same terms as the normal chess terms in Turkish.

  2. What is it with these chess variants having pieces that are so limited they're barely better than pawns?!

  3. Counselor and elephant move is a xiangqi move but with the exception that elephant do not leave their territory, guard do not leave the palace, and don’t jump

  4. Another name of that chess variant is chaturanga

  5. you might think "how can an elephant jump over one space? " tbh I don't know too, the elephant probably saw a mouse

  6. This reminds me, in chess in arabic, we call the pieces as follows without changing any rules:
    Pawn – Soldier
    Rook – Castle
    Knight – Horse
    Bishop – Elephant
    Queen – Minister
    King stays the same.

  7. We call it shatranj in Persian too 😁
    Ps Can I get a Pin I love your channel

  8. I made this board in Chesscraft (Code is "NOT")

  9. The counselor piece looks like a queen just bent her crown out of anger because she can only move one square diagonally.

  10. Is it just me or do the elephants look like realistic hearts?

  11. In russian, bishops are called elephants.

  12. fun fact. In Iran the regular Chess is literally called Shatranj.

  13. In my country the bishop = the elephant, totally make sense

  14. Ah, the Chess grandpa, slowly, but more strategic

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