How to play Monster Chess (Super King Chess)

Learn the rules to the Chess variant: Monster Chess (Also called Super King Chess) quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original Chess rules, check out this video:

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The object of the game is to checkmate your opponent’s king. Setup white with only 4 pawns in the center of the 2nd row and the king as the only piece on its normal space on the 1st row. Setup black like you normally would. White must take 2 consecutive moves on their turn while black only gets the traditional one. White may move the same piece twice or may move two separate pieces. The white king may move into check on its first move so long as it moves out of check on the second move. This makes it possible for the white king to capture black’s king.

Black’s king is in check if it could be captured on white’s next turn within white’s 2 moves. For example, a white pawn in this position has a check on Black because on white’s next turn, if black doesn’t remove the threat, then white will capture black’s king. Black is not allowed to put the white king in check in response to black being in a 2 move check. If black moves their king out of check, black must still consider what other 2 moves what can do so as to find a safe space. White checkmates Black when, no matter where Black moves, White will always be able to take Black’s king by making two consecutive moves.

Pawns are still promoted the same way as regular chess. And en passant still applies. The first player to checkmate their opponent’s king, wins.


  1. There's too may arrows in this video.

  2. This was the first chess variant I ever played and it inspired me to start making more games. I knew it as monster chess. My friend made a different version we call super king

  3. I managed to checkmate someone in this game with a single king

  4. The king can literally solo checkmate the opponent

  5. Black king is in check if white's next first move can result in a check.

  6. A whole chess variant named after me? I'm honored.

    It also seems really cool!

  7. Lost 75% chess for double move.And if you promote, the show is begin.

  8. Seems like black easily wins this variant. Develop all your pieces quickly and sac them for pawns. White should only be able to win if black plays too slowly.

  9. king in this chess can demolish black defense less than 20 move because no matter how you protect a piece the king can just capture and move making checkmate him is hard

  10. I dare someone $1,000,000 that they can't find a position where Black is not in checkmate and White has a queen and is not in check.Edit: just found one I owe myself $1,000,000

  11. I always play white in chess, now I'm not so sure…

  12. Can a white pawn escape en passant by using its two moves to take one step at a time?

  13. Someone run the numbers on which player has the advantage here

  14. I was thinking the king was gonna be like a mini queen or something, kinda like it was shotgun king but no shotgun and 4 pawns.

  15. Me and my friends made a version of chess where you choose any piece other than the king to have a final move basically let’s say you choose your queen to have the final move if she gets captured the queen can do one more move before it gets removed from the board but it Has to be a legal move for the peace and if you don’t move the Final move piece in two turns It just gets removed from the board seems like a simple concept but it’s actually really fun
    If you have any questions about this I’ll be happy to answer them

  16. could you avoid En Passant by doing 2 1-Space pawn moves instead of 1 2-Space pawn move?

  17. This variant feels easily solved. Black just pushes his two unstoppable edge pawns; the white king cannot stop both from promoting. With two queens and two (now able to move) rooks, checkmating the white king is unavoidable.

    Whereas if black does NOT do this (or doesn't do it fast enough), white's king is effectively an unstoppable monster. White's pawns are really there just for show; they're negligible in the actual game, because black should always play on the sides of the board, and the pawns are very easy to keep at bay or 1f1.

  18. You could adjust this to GOTHIC CHESS by giving white 2 or 3 more pawns to compensate for black getting 2 more pawns himself plus archbishop and chancellor when compared to the regular version.

  19. So I tried playing this with my friends. I also tried playing it as white without any pawns at all. It's basically impossible for black to checkmate at all

  20. Draw your checkswords, we've got a super king to slay!

  21. I just realized that your video descriptions are literally your video script (except for the links at the start of course). Yeah, this is interseting, like each team is more different. Like black is normal and white has the disadvantage of only the king and 4 pawns, but the advantage of two moves a turn, which sounds like a fair deal if you ask me. But can you move two peices once each instead though? ♟

  22. 0:39 What happens when the square that Black King is sitting on is protected by a another piece? Can White King still capture the Black King or it is a illegal capture? 1:22

  23. 7 nation army plays while the white king obliterates all of black's pieces

  24. Imagine the white is successfully promotes to queen and apply 2 move to snipe the king from afar…


  25. this is inspired by one an episode by another youtuber called chess bites

  26. if your opponent plays double step move for pawns, are you allowed to move another piece then do En Passant? (Assuming you’re white)

  27. Just imagine white getting a queen. A white queen in a corner can literally have full board range.

  28. It's impossible for black to win unless it's a noob😂😂

  29. I'm imagining a new variant where one player controls both the white and black pieces, while the other player controls a single red "deity" pawn that just so happens to be able to move anywhere and do anything it wants. The objective of the game for the player controlling black/white is to capture that pawn while the objective for the player controlling the red pawn is to hold your own long and make the other player resign through any means necessary.

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