How to play Faerie Chess

Learn the rules to Faerie Chess quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original Chess rules, check out this video:

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0:00 – Objective
0:15 – Pieces & Point Cost
0:35 – Ranks
1:03 – Setup
1:19 – Stalemate
1:34 – Castling Rules
1:53 – Moving vs Jumping
2:09 – New Pieces
5:23 – Regent
5:54 – Mercenary

The rules are the same as regular chess except for these changes. For a refresher of those rules, check out this video. Before beginning, determine the point total for the armies players will build. Beginners should use 60 to 65 points; intermediate is 65-70 points, and advanced is 75 points. Each piece has a reference card that has all the rules for that piece. Each piece’s point cost is indicated here. You can mix and match pieces, adding up their total point cost to customize your army so that it falls within the range for the predetermined totals. Players do not need to have an identical army to their opponent.

Each piece has a rank indicator on its reference card indicated by 1, 2, or 3 dots here. This rank indicator determines where that piece can be placed on the board when building armies. Rank 1 is your second row where pawns traditionally start. Rank 2 is the 6 outermost squares on your back row. Rank 3, also called royalty ranked, is the centermost two squares on your back row where your king and queen traditionally start.

Pieces may be placed or rearranged on any space in its correct rank. You are allowed to have empty spaces in your starting positions if you want. Once both players have finished constructing their armies and placing them, the game begins. If the game ends in a stalemate; then each player adds up the stalemate value from each of their remaining pieces as indicated on the reference card here. Then the player with the highest stalemate score, wins. You are still allowed to castle even when the pieces are rearranged. To do so, move the king 2 spaces towards the castling piece then move the castling piece to the other side of the king. All other castling rules still apply.

Unless otherwise specified, the new pieces capture the first piece they move into. Moving multiple spaces means to pass through each space in the movement while “jumping” means to move over any pieces in the way. Unless otherwise specified, moving and jumping is always in a straight line. The new pieces are as follows:

Peasant. Rank 1. Cost 2. Moves 1 space diagonally forward and captures 1 space directly in front. It may not move backwards. May move 2 spaces in a straight line on its first move. Can promote at the 8th row like a pawn can.

Soldier. Rank 1. Cost 3. Moves 1 space in any direction.

Herald. Rank 2. Cost 6. Moves horizontally or vertically exactly 2 spaces. The herald cannot capture. All adjacent pieces to the herald of both players cannot move. The game ends in a stalemate if the herald is adjacent to the enemy king. The herald begins the game on the outside most space of your 2nd row, moving that pawn to the adjacent 1st row corner space.

Tower. Rank 2. Cost 10. Moves any number of spaces horizontally or vertically; or can move 1 square diagonally. The Tower may castle.

Chamberlain. Rank 2. Cost 6. Jumps 2 spaces horizontally or vertically. Captures 1 space diagonally. The chamberlain may swap positions with a rank 3 piece if both pieces occupy the same row and there are no other pieces in between them.

Thief. Rank 2. Cost 5. Jumps 2 spaces horizontally, vertically or diagonally, and captures the following space in the same direction but it does not move to that space upon capture.

Lancer. Rank 2. Cost 5. Jumps 3 spaces horizontally or vertically, then 1 space at a 90 degree angle from that one, like a taller version of the “L” movement from the knight.

Catapult. Rank 2. Cost 3. Jumps 3 spaces horizontally or vertically.

Inquisitor. Rank 2. Cost 8. Moves 2 spaces horizontally or vertically or 1 space diagonally. The Inquisitor cannot capture. All adjacent enemy pieces to the Inquisitor cannot move. The game ends in a stalemate if the Inquisitor is adjacent to the enemy king.

Pontiff. Rank 2. Cost 8. Moves any number of squares diagonally and may bounce off of the board boundaries at a right angle and continue moving. It may not end a turn moving to the same space it started the turn on…


  1. "The rules are the same as regular chess. Except theres new pieces"

  2. The pontiff is crazy. You can just absolutely snipe pieces with the wall bounce

  3. Peasant == Berolina Pawn.

    Soldier == Sage in Courier Chess.

    Tower == Promoted Rook in Shogi.

    Lancer == Camel.

    Catapult == Threeleaper.

    Pontiff == Bishop in Billiards chess.

    Courtesan == Phoenix.

  4. I like the idea of new pieces, but for me, it’s too much

  5. Just a bunch of soldiers looks like the best strategy.

  6. The traditional chest did not update it's version for over a hundred years now so this is the update we are waiting for.

  7. The jester has some weird obsession with the queen

  8. Peasant: Discount bishop
    Soldier: Discount king
    Herald: Blocker
    Tower: EA rook (you have to pay to unlock the full diagonal movement ability)
    Chamberlain: Discount knight
    Thief: Long-range pawn
    Lancer: Upgraded knight
    Catapult: Discount rook
    Inquisitor: Upgraded herald
    Pontiff: Bouncy bishop
    Courtesan: Wannabe checkers piece
    Jester: Single-direction blocker
    Regent: Upgraded king
    Mercenary: General purpose fighter

  9. What happens if both players have the same stalemate score?

  10. just play wargames at that point this is just bad warhammer

  11. Pessant: opposite moves of pawn
    Soldier: king but less important
    Herald: cant capture but dont let other pieces move
    Tower: roock but whit one more move
    Chamberlain: better castles but only for ranks 3
    Thief: dont capture, kidnaps
    Lancer: horses bigger brother
    Inquisitor: better herald
    Pontiff: boncy boy
    Cortasan: _('_')_/don't know
    Jester: annoying space filler queen
    Regent: king but two times more move and becomes queen when queen dies but still can't be capture or move to be captured or you loses
    Mercenary: treteners piece

  12. how to play school shooting it is the same as normal school except for these changes

  13. Nahhh, chess gonna have balance changes from now on 💀

  14. I thought in the rules, it said that any piece attacking the mercenary can be captured. I thought it meant that the mercenary effectively attacked any piece that attacked it? I don't understand why you'd want to put a mercenary on the board if it can only be controlled by your opponent and captures your own pieces

    Additional unclear points: Can the chamberlain capture 2 spaces orthogonally? (my guess is no) Can the mercenary move without being attacked? Why can it capture pieces of the same colour?

  15. Essentially chess but you create your battle deck, akin to some card games like Clash Royale, Pokemon (The Card Game) and Magic: The Gathering. Interesting.

  16. Peasant: poor boi 🙁
    Soldier: MAGGOTS!
    Herald: "Stay down."
    Tower: demoknight
    Chamberlain: jumpy boi
    Thief: casually steals the pawn's souls
    Lancer: t a l l k n i g h t
    Catapult: a literal catapult
    Inquisitor: a friendlier version of the Herald
    Pontiff: a bouncy BALLER
    Courtesan: a jumpy king
    Jester: comedian

  17. I've Seen A Lot Of These So Imma Do One Too
    Peasant: nwaP
    Soldier: DORP AND GIMME 20
    Herald: Herald
    Tower: Better Rook
    Chamberlin: Tower But Different
    Theif: Steal What? L I F E
    Lancer: Insert Deltarune Joke
    Catapult: Not An Angry Birds Joke. S A D
    Inquisitor: The Cooler Herald
    Pontiff: De Bonce
    Courtesan: Jump King, Jump
    Jester: I Can Do Anythi- Wait It's Not Called Jevil So No Deltarune Joke. S A D
    Regent: U L T R A I N S T I N C T K I N G (When Queen Dies)

    Imma Do The Others Too
    Pawn: The Origanal Peasent
    Kight: Horse Only
    Rook: Castle
    Bishop: REPENT OR DIE
    King: If I Die, We All Go Down Together. (No Deltarune Joke Because It's Not Called King Of Spades.

    S A D)
    (Possibly Long Text Incoming)
    Qween: Well, Time To Make My Joke And End This Long Comment. There Was A Lot Of Deltarune Jokes, So, Why Not End On One! (On Face Screen: LMAO) (Laughs)
    Berdly: (In Hallway) OHHHHH QWEEEEEEENNNN!
    Qween: Oh No
    Berdly: Qween, I'm Here!
    Qween: I See That, I'm Not Blind. (On Face Screen: True) Hmmmmmmmmm (Idea Get!) (In Head: I Saw This In A Show, Hope It Works, But It Will Probably Work, If A Robot Is Mechanical, Then Phones Can't Lie To Another Mechanical Being)
    Qween: Berdly, Can You Go Get Me Some Wires. I Defently Need Them
    Berdly: Sure Thing! (Rushes To Get Wires)

    Qween, I Can't Believe He Fell For That

    Qween: And I Can't Believe I've Had My Name Spelled Wrong Next To My Text. Let Me Fix That.
    Queen: Much Better. Now For My Joke.

    Kris Get The Banana

  18. I’m going to make a new piece, it’s based on myself only I can get this piece and I’m just going to call it. Kacy. I automatically come into play when the Queen has been captured.
    I replace the Queen and I start on the Queens position and my piece, that’s meant to be me I can move like the Queen I can also if the player chooses to make me move like the knight. I can castle like the rook and on-pason like a pone. But if I move like the Queen, I capture all the pieces along that row all of them in one go, and when I check the King, and if I do that without taking out any other pieces, its an automatic checkmate.

    And for my peace to be captured, I need to be forced into a checkmate position

  19. the regent basically gains the strength of the fallen when the queen is captured

  20. I love how he says the rules are the same as Chess, except for these changes, then proceeds to talk about an almost entirely different game, that is nothing like Chess.

  21. So triple s games is telling me that jester is immortal?

  22. Peasant: unpawn
    Soldier: King without rizz
    Herald: Debuffed rook
    Tower: Slightly better rook
    Chamberlain: Basically a hearld
    Theif: Kidnapper of pieces
    Lancer: Alpha knight
    Catapult: The lancer to be
    Inquisitor: Slightly better herald
    Pontiff: bouncy bishop
    Courtesan: King+Elephant
    Jester: A queen not participating in the battle
    Regent: King with better range
    Mercenary: Controllable regent

  23. I like how the thief looks like the chamberlain but with a hood instead of a hole

  24. 1. Berolina
    2. King (not royal)
    3. Dabbaba (but can not capture, frost follows, pushes pawn backwards)
    4. Rook + Ferz
    5. Moves like Dabbaba, captures like Ferz
    6. Moves like Rook, captures like Ferz (swaps positions with Rank 3 instead of castling)
    7. Hand Force Alibaba (Alibaba, but cannot land on opponent piece on capture, and instead pushes the opponent piece off the board after movement)
    8. Camel
    9. Super Dabbaba (Dabbaba, but it moves 3 spaces instead of 2)
    10. Dabbaba + Ferz (but can not capture, frost follows)
    11. Bouncy Bishop (Bishop, but it bounces)
    12. Wazir + Alfil
    13. Queen (but can not capture and cannot be captured, replaces queen)
    14. Alibaba (royal, replaces king, moves like queen if the queen is taken)
    15. Alibaba (white on h4, black on a5, can be controlled by opponent if threatened)

  25. Yessssssssss Youhooooooooooooooooo Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  26. لعن الله اليهود والنصارى والشيعه says:


  27. Simon the Androgynous Furry (They-Them) says:

    So this is either a sequel, a DLC or a mod

  28. Why don't they call it Færie Chess? ♟️ ♟️ ♟️

  29. The Peasents movement in the inverted pawn movement.

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