How to play Dice Chess (3 Die Variant)

Learn the rules to Dice Chess (3 Die Variant) quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the Dice Chess rules, check out this video:

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On your turn you roll 3 dice instead of two, then you get to perform moves from all 3 dice in one turn if you have legal moves available. The moves may be taken in any order you want, but each die may only be used once. If you have multiple dice of the same piece, you may move the same piece multiple times if you like. There is no benefit for rolling doubles or triples.

Another way to play is for each player to secretly roll their 3 dice and keep them hidden from each other. Then, as players alternate taking turns, each reveals a single die they wish to use on their turn to move one of their corresponding pieces. If you are unable to use a die rolled then when you reveal it your turn ends. You may not change the roll of the dice. Once each player has used all 3 of their dice, they both simultaneously reroll and repeat the process.

The first player to checkmate or capture their opponent’s King wins.


  1. Can you move one piece three times if you roll triples of the corresponding piece?

  2. In the description and the link video, is supposed to link to the dice chess video instead to the normal chess, that way it'll be consistent with the dialogue in the video

  3. Finally I get a chance to beat people that are actually good at chess

  4. kinda interesting, they can only do moves according to the dice but they can do it in any order. thumbs up for the modder

  5. Chess players complaining about the lack of updates in 5000 years when they got this

  6. Why do I imagine pirates playing chess in this variant?

  7. You can grow your channel by just starting the give away of the game which you tell in video .Do you got what i mean
    By the way your videos are good love you

  8. I wonder if a version of monopoly exists where you have to play a board game version of baseball to get the property. Something like monopoly baseball…

  9. Could you do the card game "Guillotine" next?

  10. If you haven’t done it already, I recommend doing a video for Potion Explosion.

  11. The sloppy makeup endoscopically receive because tugboat superfamily manage vice a greedy carbon. aback, macabre beat

  12. what if you played with six dice, and you used the dice as the pieces on a 6×6 board. I would imagine something like this:
    Each player has 3 rolls to determine the pieces for their game, to set up each player rolls their whole hand then chooses which pieces to keep, and which to roll again up to two times unless their are multiple kings. The first king that is rolled must be kept as king, any additional kings must be rerolled until they are no longer a king. If no king is rolled at the end of three rolls the highest ranked piece must be rotated to become a king. place the pieces on the board starting with the king on the left corner, and the rest of the pieces in a 3×2 configuration protecting the king. dice would move as normal, except when a pawn reaches the other side of the board it is promoted by rolling once, do not roll again, it could become another king, or it could remain a pawn. A remained pawn on the far edge could be rolled again on the next turn.

  13. It must be 3 dice. Dice is both the singular form and the plural form.

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