How to Play ChessPlus (Chess Variant in which 2 players compete using hybrid Chess pieces.)

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Today, in our sports encyclopedia series we will talk about how to play Chess Plus.
Chessplus Chess is a chess variant in which two players compete against each other using hybrid chess pieces.
The chess pieces in the game are designed in a way that except for the king, each piece is able to combine with any other piece.
The basic objective of the game is to be the first team to checkmate either opponent.
The game begins with players putting their pieces on their side of the board like regular chess.
The game uses the same board as regular chess.
All pieces function and move like regular chess except for a few major changes.
In their turn, players can combine their chess pieces by moving them onto the same space.
Players are not allowed to combine more than two pieces together.
Players are not allowed to combine their pieces with their opponent’s pieces.
In the game, a piece is allowed to travel any legal distance to combine but a piece may not pass through other pieces.
Players are also allowed to combine the same types of pieces if they want.
Players cannot combine the king with any other piece.
The combined pieces move as a single piece with the movement power of either piece.
If a rook and a bishop are combined together, they can move either like a rook or a bishop.
Players are also allowed to split the pieces by moving 1 of the combined pieces away with that piece’s normal movement, any distance that is legal.
In the same move, a split and combination can occur simultaneously.
Once the piece is split into two, the combined powers can no longer be used.
If a bishop is split, the broken bishop is restricted to whatever color the bishop is placed on regardless of the color that the bishop began the game on/
The capturing of opponent pieces takes place normally as it is done in regular chess.
Pieces can be captured by, individual pieces, combined pieces, and split pieces.
If the combined piece of the opponent is captured, both of their joined pieces are removed from the board.
If two pawns combined manage to make their way to the far end of the board, both joined pieces are removed from the board and promoted to a single queen.
If a pawn is split from the combination and placed on the farthest row to get promoted, only the pawn from a combination is removed from the board.
En passant that is giving pawns the option to capture a pawn that has just passed it can only be down on the combined piece if both of them are pawns.
Players are allowed to use a combined rook to castle the King if the rook has not moved yet and all the other normal rules for casting are followed.
If you are able to bring your pawn to any of the starting pawn spaces, it regains its ability to perform the initial 2-step move.
The player that manages to capture the other player’s king is declared the winner.
If the game reaches a stalemate, the game draws and the opponent player wins if one player forfeits.

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