How to play Capablanca Chess

Learn the rules to the Capablanca Chess quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original Chess rules, check out this video:

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Layout a 10 by 8 board. On the white side, arrange the second row with pawns, then the first row goes: Rook, knight, archbishop, bishop, queen, king, bishop, chancellor, knight, rook. Mirror this arrangement with the black pieces. Take note that the kings are on their matching color instead of the queens. There are 2 new pieces: the archbishop and the chancellor. The archbishop combines the powers of a bishop and a knight allowing it to move diagonally in a straight line or jump over pieces in an L shape. You may not perform both the L move and diagonal in a single move, it is one or the other. The chancellor combines the powers of a rook and a knight allowing it to move laterally in a straight line or jump over pieces in an L shape, but not combine the two in a single move.

Castling is still allowed with the King moving 3 spaces towards the rook instead of 2. A pawn can promote to the archbishop or chancellor. The first player to checkmate their opponent, wins.


  1. У меня есть книга Капабланки

  2. Вау, легендарный шахматист

  3. The i pawn is unprotected in the initial position…

  4. one of the least imaginative variants ever covered on the channel

  5. Custom variant: Apocalyptic State Chess-the barrier of pawns is outright removed from the board-if a rook dies, you have to place a chill pawn or mad pawn in that space, killing the piece that took the rook if you place the latter, but moving the piece away from the original position of the rook if it's the former-both types of pawns may be promoted-if there is a piece in front of the chill pawn when said chill pawn is placed, the piece that took the rook gets taken.-chill pawns can't capture-mad pawns HAVE to capture

  6. The archbishop and chancellor are already in musketeer chess

  7. FUN fact: the archbishop Is technically called the princess

  8. Because the Queen is worth one point more than the pieces that make it (Rook and bishop) it seems the archbishop would be 7 points of material and the chancellor would be 9

  9. Capybara Chess, how to play.
    Both sides get a Capybara.
    video ends

  10. This video spawned with 5 likes lol

  11. in a 10 by 8 board, we would also require 2 extra pawns for both sides.

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