How to play Capablanca Chess

Learn the rules to the Capablanca Chess quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original Chess rules, check out this video:

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Layout a 10 by 8 board. On the white side, arrange the second row with pawns, then the first row goes: Rook, knight, archbishop, bishop, queen, king, bishop, chancellor, knight, rook. Mirror this arrangement with the black pieces. Take note that the kings are on their matching color instead of the queens. There are 2 new pieces: the archbishop and the chancellor. The archbishop combines the powers of a bishop and a knight allowing it to move diagonally in a straight line or jump over pieces in an L shape. You may not perform both the L move and diagonal in a single move, it is one or the other. The chancellor combines the powers of a rook and a knight allowing it to move laterally in a straight line or jump over pieces in an L shape, but not combine the two in a single move.

Castling is still allowed with the King moving 3 spaces towards the rook instead of 2. A pawn can promote to the archbishop or chancellor. The first player to checkmate their opponent, wins.


  1. I like the fact that the archbishop, chancellor, and the queen is a combination of the horse, rook, and bishop creating a very nice combination circle. very nice

  2. Custom variant: attentive chess
    Rule changes:
    – There is a 15 second time limit to each move
    – If you put the opponent’s king in check, you are not allowed to say check
    – If your opponent does not notice they are in check, they can choose to not protect the king

  3. Chess but something is not right

  4. I have an idea for a Chess varriant:
    Sacrifacial chess:

    You can sacrifice a piece to give all the other pieces the movement of that piece.
    Like this you can capture the enemy king.
    Variant 2:
    You can sacrifice a piece to get another turn
    Bishop/knight 1 extra turn
    Rook 2 extra turns
    Queen 3 extra turns
    (Pawns cannot be sacrificed in this variant)
    The first to capture the enemy king wins

  5. fun fact:
    capablanca means white cape in spanish

  6. When you uses random upgrades on your character:

  7. You had fun coming up with the checkmate board at the end, huh

  8. I've been playing Stardew Valley a lot lately and just found out there's a board game for it. I'd love to hear how to play it from the best how-to-play channel.

  9. I am from tamilnadu can u put how to play point salad

  10. Basically it's a chess… With additional pieces… Period

  11. Please do 3D chess, 4d chess, then 5d chess

  12. Hold on you never said you can Castle what the chancellor right?

  13. You should play a game of chess but you have every single chess variant (or the ones that you can combine) that would be amazing!

  14. This seems pretty similar to Gothic Chess.

  15. I just realized that the queen, rook, archbishop, and chancellor are all major pieces on the board, they all have the chance to checkmate the lone king.

  16. The chancellor is a combination of the horse and the bishop.

  17. Ever heard of them Amazon piece? It combines a queen and a knight. This means that it can checkmate on its own, even on the edges. Now imagine that but it can always jump pieces.

  18. Does anyone know where he got those discs? They look beautifully made and I'd love to get a set!

  19. The Archbishop and Chancellor would be good in 4 player chess instead of Knights

  20. Can you promote to an archbishop and a chancellor?

  21. Can you promote a pawn to archbishop or a chancellor ?

  22. Are there versions of the Archbishop and Chancellor, as well as any other custom pieces like the Councillor, the Diplomat or the Elephant that aren't in Disc Style?

  23. Is there anyway to play some of these chess variants online?

  24. You can promote pawns to any piece except the king. Can you so promote a pawn to a pawn?

  25. Where do we see an actual game get played?

  26. The mate at the end is really cool

  27. So do you still move three spaces when castling queenside as well?

  28. Not long before we get "Centaur Chess" where every piece inherits the Knight's power including pawns, King and Queen.
    Knights inherit the added ability to move one space in any direction.
    You must Checkmate the King by checking it, and every space it can either move one space to, or move one "L" space to.

  29. The Archbishop is the same as the Janus in Janus Chess.

  30. Regular Chess, how to play.

    The rules are the same as regular chess, except for these changes. For a refresher of those rules, check out this video.

    The en poisson rule is allowed like normal.
    Castling is still allowed.
    First player to checkmate their opponent wins.

  31. @Triple S Games Didn't Capablanca propose a game where both players had 3 kings respectively?

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