How to Play Bughouse Chess | (a Chess variant for 4 players in two teams with 2 chessboards)

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Today, in our sports encyclopedia series we will talk about how to play Bughouse Chess.
Bughouse Chess is a chess variant for four players in two teams that is played on two regular chessboards placed right next to each other
The basic objective of the game is to be the first team to checkmate either opponent.
The game is played by two sets of chess pieces, so there are two sets of black and two sets of white.
The two boards are set up next to each other and pieces are placed on both boards exactly how they are placed in regular chess.
The board should be placed in a way that opposite colors are next to each other.
All pieces function and move like regular chess except for a few major changes.
Four players in the game are divided into two teams and the teammates sit next to each other with their opponents in front of them.
One player from each team controls the white pieces and the other player controls the black.
The two board games are not connected to each other and they run independently.
Both team members are allowed to discuss the strategy with each other but they cannot touch a piece on the other board.
Teammates are also not allowed to change seats to swap the board they are playing on.
When a player captures the piece, they are immediately required to give that piece to their to add to their pool.
In their turn, a player may add a piece onto the empty space on the board from the pool rather than moving a piece.
This process is called dropping a piece and the players are allowed to drop a piece into check or checkmate but they are not allowed to drop a pawn on the first or 8th rows.
The dropped pawns in the game are treated as usual and they get promoted when they reach the last row.
When the dropped pawn is captured by the opponent, it is converted back to a pawn when added to their teammate’s pool.
If a pawn is dropped on the second row, it is allowed to move 2 spaces on its first move.
All places are required to place all the pieces in their pool on the table in front of the board and it must be visible at all times.
The game of bughouse chess is played with a chess clock to prevent a player from stalling by not playing.
If the chess clocks are not used, then the players are not required to take time equivalent to the time it takes their teammate to make 3 moves.
The first team that manages to checkmate a king on either board is declared the winner.
The match ends in a draw if both boards are checkmated simultaneously.
A team is also declared as the winner if an opponent on either board resigns or makes an illegal move.
In case stalemates occur on either board, the match results in a draw.

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