How to play 10 Dimensional Chess

Learn the rules to the 10D Chess quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules.

The visuals for this game were generated with the free program “Curved Spaces” by Geometry Games. Check it out here:


  1. Fun fact: this video was made in April fools day

  2. Not me rewatching this 47 times 💀

  3. i was expecting some funny stuff since it was 11 seconds, and 5d chess with time travel was 13 mins

  4. Торнадо плюс петарда says:

    Oh no, we are about to break the atoms and the laws of time with this one

  5. It caught me of gard. Because I think it's a normal how to play video.

  6. captions:
    the rules are same as chess exfjrfkm cfrmnjkirf

  7. You don't scare me. The video was short I felt like its not real💀😆👍

  8. Me: I almost had a heart attack
    Me: I thought I could learn a non-existent chess
    BFF: And I oop-

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