Hikaru vs. Gotham: FOG OF WAR Chess Variant

GothamChess and @GMHikaru test out the new variants area on chess.com and play some Fog of War, recently played on YouTube also by @Eric Rosen. Other variants are 4 Player Chess, Self-Capture, No Castle…

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  1. loving the dual stream (both faces and commentating bantering but rather mannered)

    the downside of this variant is, you can only play it via electronic ways and both have to sit somewhere else, which takes a way from the original come together experience, of course zero problem here.

  2. Does the french move not exist in this variation?

  3. imagine that you combine chess' two hardest variants (not exactly/maybe/probably), atomic chess and fog of war, imagine what would that look like and someone/you playing it, I would call it: Atomic Fog of War (also name it whatever you want in the reply section of this comment (if anyone actually sees this comment)) also please pin this comment levy.

  4. as if chess wasn't complicated enough 😢

  5. its funny to see a grandmaster who can calculate to an extend far beyond a normal human playing like hot garbage hehe

    Welcome to my world

  6. I started playing fog of war from few months now. All these days I haven't even touched normal chess. Now i started playing normal chess, looks like i lost all my skills and i am loosing against very low skilled players. Fog of war strategies are way different than normal chesa. Is it what fog of war does to everyone?

  7. Ah yes Hikaru gambit, male version of the botez gambit

  8. Levy: breathes

  9. If White has a pawn at e5 and no other piece that can see d6, and black moves a pawn from d7 to d5, would White have vision to d6, d5, or both? If White already had vision at d6, would white be able to see the pawn that could be captured?

  10. i like watching this variant but i cant play it at all

  11. Hikaru’s true genius is having the discussions during Levy’s time 😂 but seriously, Hikaru’s scary in this mode.

  12. Foolmates are just impossible to prevent in this gamemode

  13. me to my friends: did you know hikaru can see the future

  14. 4:23 Why does person in checkmate get an extra turn in fog of war? And does this mean you could potentially get out of checkmate if your opponent doesn't capture the king? In this example, if instead of Qc8 after Levy took the Knight, Hikaru played, for example, g3, could Levy then capture the Queen?

  15. This is one of the most interesting variants imo!

  16. This chess variant is playable and spectacular, and also funny. Incomplete information is very good idea. I want to see a real tournament of this game

  17. When Hikaru looks up thinking… you know your end is near.

  18. Diagonal fow for pwns doesn't matter because if it's dark you know there's no piece.

  19. "I don't think you should castle the king"
    Ok, I'll castle the knight instead

  20. Hikaru: knows where most of gothams pieces are
    Viewer: knows where all gothams pieces are

  21. Hikaru is not a five head, he's a 5^5^5 head

  22. Ah, yes. Fog of war chess. The only time in chess where it's justifiable to say "Maybe he doesn't see it"

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