Hexagonal Chess | A crazy chess variant

Elephants vs Knight Army battle using Fairy Stockfish
This is the ultimate fight for chess. Have fun!!
Fairy Chess Battle. God save the king. Witness the greatest battle between Soldiers vs Pawn Army .
You can download Fairy Stockfish from this website- It is created by Fabian Fitcher. He is the god of Fairy Chess. Here I should mention another legend, Couch Tomato. He designed all this unique pieces. They deserve some respect. For more credits, please email me at [email protected] . You will get a reply with in 7 days.
If you any new piece idea then email me. If you designed a new piece then you can email me that with out any hesitation. God save the king.


  1. I thought the pawns promote at the end of the board

  2. How come the pawn doesn't capture "diagonally", as in along the vertices?

  3. Imagine posting a video right after GCP Grey

  4. Been waiting for the hexagonal OLED screen

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