Grable Plays 4-Player Chess (Variant #3)

Playing 4-player chess, on This variant is “Tic Tac Toe,” one of my favourites. The game rules are 3-check, king of the hill (more details below).

Tic Tac Toe: Each player starts with 12 pawns which can promote to kings on their back rank, two knights, one rook, and one “Royal” king. For the purposes of king-of-the-hill, and standard chess moves, only the royal king functions the same way a king does in regular chess. All others are essentially pawns that can move in any direction, 1 space. Capturing a pawn counts as 1 point, kings and knights=3 points, rooks=5 points, and giving checkmate counts as 40 points. If all other players lose on time, or if a royal king makes it to one of the centre 4 squares, all remaining kings are checkmated. Stalemated kings are also awarded their own 40 points.

The time control in this version gave each player 1 minute to make all of his moves, plus 1 5-second delay on each move but other time controls are available and I would encourage anyone who thinks this looks like fun to log on and try it out!


  1. How to play these variations with friends?

  2. Why do you get points for stalemating yourself???

  3. This variation has the potential to make crazy games, i would love to see more of this variant!

  4. Did Green 'grey out' at 13:53 because they couldn't win? That part confused me.

  5. so checkmating yourself gives you 40 points.. thats kinda op

  6. As an 1800 elo rated player in normal chess, I can safely say that I understood 0% of the game.

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