Grable Plays 4-Player Chess (Variant #12)

Sorry I cut off the scores on the right side of the screen! As it applies to the 1st game, I had 36 points before my last move.

4-Player Chess:
Game Links:


  1. Lo habla Rai-fabrizzio usario

  2. I liked the part where I got stomped every match

  3. Hi,

    Some constructive criticisms:

    1. The color combinations are sometimes hard on the eyes and the movement is distracting;

    2. The thumbnails don't show me quickly that you're playing chess; with your viral video I saw the board it made me curious and click. if you look at Eric Rosen's thumbnails, it shows you can be creative but still show a board most of the time.

    3. You don't need an intro reel, if you started with the "hello and welcome" it would be just as good.

    4. The mixing on the intro and outro sound is really high.

    I also think the next big improvement would be a better quality mic when you have the funds. your commentary is quite good so I'm sure your channel will grow in no time 🙂

  4. So maybe outlining some of the ideas you have with arrows can help keep up with the pace of the game. For myself I was sort of understanding what was going on, with verbal but I think the visual also cements it, just food for thought. There isn't much content on 4 player, and you might have something going on here with the niche, and I am curious to see where you go with it.

  5. excited for more of these wacky wednesday minigame-esque games

  6. Love your videos keep doing what ur doing 👍

  7. I love your variant videos they're addicting lol

  8. Ja por dios era yo el verde

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