Game 01 – Fischer Random chess960 chess 960 – learn chess variants

A beginner’s introduction into the chess variant – FischerRandom chess, also called chess960, Fischerandom, FRC, Fischer Random.


  1. These are very cute pieces !! I like their design. game cube ? Practicing chess 960 will definitely help your standard chess. eg. so if you play 10/0 960,,, it will improve your 10/0 standard chess.

  2. very funny instructive and the lesson is learned: be aware of the bitchshop

  3. Nice. Loved the gameplay and thought pattern explanation. Funrandom.

  4. Shocked you won this game! Great video though ..

  5. The only reason I subscribed to this guy was because I was his 1,000 subscriber

  6. When the knights where on f5 and d5 at 4:02 i was waiting for e6 to come from you but they stayed like that for 5 moves… e6 would've been an easy way to nab one of the knights

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