Finding A Mineshaft & Uncovering Its Secrets! | Minecraft 1.20 Guide (#27)

in minecraft guide episode 27 its off to the mineshaft for us. we talk how to find a mineshaft in minecraft and then things to look out for once you do find one. From abandoned corridors with spawners to golden apples and nametags, theres a lot about the mineshaft that is actually really really great!

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if you read this comment “scary”


  1. What's up with the orb at the end!? 👀👀
    2 years ago in the 1.16-1.17 Guide Series you built an orb and there was nothing in it 👀☠️

  2. One of the things that really get me giddy in a mineshaft is the free rails. Lots of powered and activators in those chests and the halls are lines with regular. PSA: Rails are mob barricades

  3. Addressing the comment of the day update would have had to be called "Sherding and Sniffing". Wattles is gonna have to burn a diamond every time he calls them "shards".

  4. I don’t always learn something new from your videos, but I definitely get inspiration and end up spending a few hours in my test world making things.

  5. Use a glass block instead so there's no gap on the stone

  6. Don’t mineshafts generate more often in mesa biomes?

  7. Rabbits, could bundle preparations be afoot already? Also what’s in the orb? These are questions of all time

  8. In case you didn't know, you can craft raw iron blocks, raw copper blocks and more from all the ores you found! When back at the base, you can craft them back to the ores. Saves so much space!

  9. I dont know why but I love your style of talking/editing.

  10. Wattles: "there's so many"
    Us, the viewer: "is there? looks into a see of dark grey

  11. My Tip: So finding a lush cave with Azalea is easy, but if there are more Azalea trees in the area, most probably it is a big lush cave. Lush cave = light = less monster 😮

  12. An iron golem friend would be a cute base addition now you’ve found pumpkin seeds

  13. Why ya gotta leave me on a cliffhanger, bro?! What was that orb? A death star? A meteor? I MUST KNOW

  14. I been playing minecraft since the villagers were upright pigs… but i cwnt for the life of my know what what the oldest structure is… my head say it has to spawning dungeons, i do remember when woodland mansions and mineshafts were added tho and it was pretty early on😳💪

  15. Ez game: Dungeons are the oldest structure >:3

  16. Wattles … Dude!, you have been to the Nether and to the End. You so need to carrying an ender chest carrying shulker boxes! Even add a few additional ender chests so you can leave them wherever you want them! A far better version of bundles!

  17. mineshafts that generate in lush caves are the coolest for sure

  18. I can't lie you put do much effort to your videos I love that keep up the good work

  19. slabs, i always have slabs. At crossings I place bottom slabs so that I can get through but (most) mobs can't. It also helps me know where I've been. And to save on torches I can use slabs/blocks in between the fences/braces in the corridors to block off dead ends and prevent mobs from getting to me. Never ever go without a water bucket too. You can push the evil cave spiders back with flowing water in a pinch.

  20. Instead of using torches (some parts of the mine shaft comes with torches) I use fences to completely block off dead ends or places I completely cleared out the ore. I get confused using torches if I went that way or not.

  21. What happened to Hardcore one chunk survival?

  22. Hey Wattles, to save space, turn all the raw copper into raw copper blocks

  23. This tip saves so much time. Keep a crafting table in your inventory and convert ores into solid blocks when possible to save space. This is huge when dealing with those iron ore veins and copper!

  24. I use maze rules: always turn right. When you finished with a hallway or series of them, go back to where you first entered and mark it off with cobblestone. Repeat as you go along that central hallway of sorts and you won't get lost

  25. What if mojang made a mineshaft for every biome?

  26. The oldest structure in Minecraft is the borderlands

  27. Hey wattles you know how the new ""leaks"" were done under the Dan Geony moniker? Well, I thought that the name kinda sounds like the word "dungeon" between that and the hole emoji I think it might mean something. Or, it means the stronghold and end are getting updated maybe??

  28. i think the oldest structure is the brick pyramid maybe by the way cool video 😊

  29. 1:00 average dad when their daughter gets a boyfriend

  30. I have had the best Luck for mineshafts is the Mesa. I got a huge one in my 3 plus Bedrock world

  31. So no signs for those who beat the challenge last ep wattles??? i know i did
    great episode, as always

  32. Oldest structure is dungeon if I’m not mistaken…

  33. Bring bonzo with you on at least 1 mission!

  34. 17:12 I wonder if that’s true about Nether Fortresses, too. I noticed that most Fortresses have two Blaze spawners.

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