Fastest 6×6 checkmate possible! #chessvariants

Get ready to witness the quickest checkmate ever in this unique 6×6 chessboard variant! In this YouTube Short, we dive into the thrilling world of compact chess, where every move is critical, and the game’s pace is breathtakingly fast. Watch as we showcase the fastest checkmate possible on a 6×6 board, a strategy that will leave you amazed and eager to try it out yourself. Whether you’re a chess enthusiast looking for new challenges or a player who enjoys quick and strategic games, this video is your gateway to mastering the 6×6 chess realm. Hit subscribe for more innovative chess content and mind-blowing tactics!

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  1. "Lets kick some…" and later "Wohooo"Bro went from a gangster to Mickey Mouse within seconds

  2. Not fastest d4 e4 Qf4 Be5 Qxe5# would be faster not sure if it is the fastest or not

  3. I just love how he answers every comment, even the haters😅 keep it up brotha, ur a lot fun!

  4. He could have prevented it by moving his black bishop one square

  5. I never thought I would see such behaviour in a video about chess.

    Jesus. Have some dignity. Good that you don't show your face I guess

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