FAIRY PIECES Showcase and Rating

Sorry for the text, it is a bit fast. The designs for the fairy pieces are outdated and they redesigned it recently. I personally like the newer design more but it will take some time to get used to. If you have any video idea suggestions about chess or fairy chess and fairy pieces, feel free to reply to this comment.

Websites/programs/apps used to make the video: chess.com and CapCut.

Video idea inspired by Theutltl’s “Top 5 Cheese Pieces”:
Theutltl’s channel:

Check out my video about the “Messenger” because H Y told me it isn’t actually useless (shoutout to him):
(Timestamp 3:44):
H Y’s channel:

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  2. The first one is called Amazon the second is called the elephant the third is hawk the fourth is general. The rest idk. I just read about it online. I like the names you give them btw

  3. The text is too fast I need to pause everytime
    Here are name & practical value of these pieces:
    0:03 Amazon (QN)
    Worth 'bout 13 pawn
    0:21 Empress (RN)
    Worth 'bout 850 centipawn
    0:37 Princess (BN)
    Worth 'bout 770 centipawn
    0:52 Centaur (KN)
    Worth 'bout 750 centipawn
    1:19 Giraffe (C)
    Worth 'bout 2 pawn
    Worth less than a knight cuz it's colorbound & is awkward
    1:34 Gnu (NC)
    Worth 'bout 560 centipawn
    1:48 Grasshopper (gQ)
    Worth 'bout 185 centipawn
    2:03 Ferz (F)
    Worth 'bout 150 centipawn
    2:20 Wazir (W)
    Worth 'bout 1 pawn
    The ferz, despite being colorbound, is more powerful than the wazir in the opening phase of the game due to its larger mobility forward
    2:32 Alfil (A)
    Not worth more than a pawn
    It's colorbound & can only reach 1/8 of the board
    2:54 Dabbaba (D)
    Not worth more than a pawn
    Also colorbound & can only reach 1/4 of 8×8 board
    3:09 Alibaba (AD)
    Worth less than a knight cuz can only see 1/4 of the board
    3:27 Mao (nN)
    It's a non-leaping Knight
    Worth 'bout 150 centipawn
    I think that's a Berolina Pawn that capture orthogonally forward
    3:58 Soldier (fW)
    Worth 'bout 40 centipawn if it can't promote
    4:11 Nightrider (NN)
    Worth 'bout a Rook
    4:31 Camelrider (CC)
    Worth 'bout a Bishop
    4:45 Alfilrider (AA)
    Worth 'bout 150 centipawn
    5:03 Dabbaba rider (DD)
    Worth 'bout 2 pawn
    5:20 Alibabarider (AADD)
    Worth 'bout 4 pawn
    Sc: Musketeer Chess Pieces Relative Value article which is inspired by GM Larry Kaufman article: Evaluation of material imbalance, FM Ralph Betza Article: Ideal Values and Practical Values, Wikipedia, some random thread in chesscom, honorable mention:

    I made it up

  4. I don’t even play chess and this is actually quite entertaining/interesting :/

  5. Imagine if these pieces existed in regular chess 😳

  6. Your Giraffe will be less powerful than a Knight because it can only stay on one colour square 🙂

  7. The dragon knight can switch places with its own teammate's square space and when a piece eats the dragon knight the piece will be ignited by the dragon because obviously eating a dragon would literally mean ur eating a pebble of coal I cased within has a burning fire inside 😅

  8. 0:01 left to right, top to bottom
    Amazon,chancellor,Archbishop,general,camel,wildebeest,grasshopper,ferz,wazir,alfil,dabbaba,Alafi,xaingihorse,?,?,rook-rider,camel-rider,alfil-rider,dabbaba-rider,alagi-rider,dragon bishop,?,sergeant.
    This is from memory

  9. There should be a jester piece where it can move if it is "attacked." This piece can block threats because of self-check. This piece is immobile when not attacked.

  10. How can you play with those pieces?

  11. “small map size” you mean small board 💀

  12. Nice work brother i appreciate your efforts 👍

  13. The frog and grasshopper can be more in my opinion as it can easily take out a queen or smother mate

  14. Next time, make the text less readable and make it so fast that nobody can read it.

  15. Man I'll go for the piece Colonel as the queen piece

  16. How do u play this king of game? Is there any website? Please tell me bro

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