FAIRY PIECES Showcase and Rating

Sorry for the text, it is a bit fast. The designs for the fairy pieces are outdated and they redesigned it recently. I personally like the newer design more but it will take some time to get used to. If you have any video idea suggestions about chess or fairy chess and fairy pieces, feel free to reply to this comment.

Websites/programs/apps used to make the video: chess.com and CapCut.

Video idea inspired by Theutltl’s “Top 5 Cheese Pieces”:
Theutltl’s channel:

Check out my video about the “Messenger” because H Y told me it isn’t actually useless (shoutout to him):
(Timestamp 3:44):
H Y’s channel:

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  1. wèłçômë tø 🅾️HI🅾️ čhē$ś

  2. 0:03 Amazon – Combination of a Queen and a Knight.
    0:20 Chancellor – Combination of a Rook and a Knight.
    0:37 Archbishop – Combination of a Bishop and a Knight.
    0:52 General – Combination of a King/Mann and a Knight.
    1:18 Camel – A leaper whose vector is (1,3).
    1:33 Gnu – Combination of a Knight and a Camel.
    1:47 Grasshopper – Moves by jumping over a piece adjacent to it. It captures on the square it lands on.
    2:03 Ferz – A Queen before 1475. It is a King that only moves diagonally.
    2:19 Wazir – A King that only moves orthogonally.
    2:32 Alfil – A Bishop before 1475. It moves by leaping a vector of (2,2).
    2:53 Dabbaba – A piece that moves by leaping a vector of (0,2).
    3:08 Alibaba – A combination of the Alfil and the Dabbaba.
    3:27 Xiangqi Horse – A Knight that cannot leap.
    3:43 Berolina Pawn – A Pawn that moves diagonally, and captures directly forward.
    3:58 Soldier – A Pawn that moves and captures directly forwards.
    4:10 Nightrider – A Knight that is a rider.
    4:30 Camelrider – A Camel that is a rider.
    4:45 Alfilrider – An Alfil that is a rider.
    5:02 Dabbabarider – A Dabbaba that is a rider.
    5:19 Alibabarider – An Alibaba that is a rider, or a combination of a Alfilrider and a Dabbabarider.
    5:35 Dragon Bishop – A combination of the Xiangqi Horse and a Bishop.
    5:52 Stone General – A Pawn that moves and captures diagonally.
    6:04 Sergeant – A Pawn that moves and captures in any direction forward.

  3. at least fucking learn faerie chess before dogging on it god damn

  4. That first chancellor called kneen, the second one is knook

  5. Ура, обнова по шахматам

  6. Dónde puedo jugar la variante de ajedrez super cargado?

  7. I look and it's 257t waches and 2,57 subs

  8. Giraffe has M1 when it comes to the position you had it in

  9. did no research for these ranks. 3/10, at least iron out what everything does. the berolina captures forwards, not no captures. its a non-row bound pawn so it should get 1.25, not 0.25.

  10. The dragon knight should be 2.4 because it is a knight that can't jump over pieces and not very stable and also dragon bishop should be 5 because it is like the archbishop (Knight+bishop) but can't jump over pieces

  11. the most creative one is the grasshoper

  12. If the camel replaced with a kangaroo it will make more since

  13. the dragon knight is actually called hianqi horse and is like a knight but cant jump over pices

  14. Someone should make a fairy chess piece that can move both like a bishop and like a rook. We could call it the bishook.

  15. what do you think a priceprincess piece would do?

  16. Bishop and a Knight combined is an Elephant , Knight and Rook combined is Hawk and it is not a Giraffe it is a Camel

  17. What chess app ur using to access to these fairy pieces?

  18. Messenger’s only use is probably blocking pins and attacks

  19. 0:03 "This is easily strongest piece there is."

    No. It is the strongest piece in your showcase, but I can easily come up with a stronger piece. My piece has the movement of a Queen, a Nightrider, and a Camelrider. Boom. Take that.

  20. 1. Amazon (12)
    2. Chancellor (8)
    3. Archbishop (6)
    4. Colonel (7)
    5. Giraffe (3.25)
    6. Giraffeknight (4)
    7. Grasshopper (3)
    8. Monk (2)
    9. Turtle (2)
    10. Frog (2)
    11. Spring (2.25)
    12. Toad (3)
    13. Dragon Knight (2.5)
    14. Messenger (1)
    15. Pusher (1)
    16. Nightrider (6)
    17. Assasin (6.25)
    18. Frog Hopper (2)
    19. Spring Hopper (3)
    20. Toad Hopper (5)
    21. Dragon bishop (7)
    22. Spear (1.2)
    23. Mega Pawn (2)
    My ratings and names!

  21. you are making a copy of edea the witch queen

  22. the king knight is basically a mounted king

  23. ite not a giraffe, its a camel, thats what the piece is called

  24. The Dragon Knight move 1 square vertical then 1square diagonally it may not jump over pieces

  25. these namr are quite off but they have many name live i call the knight horsey

  26. 0:03 Amazon – Combines Queen and Knight

    0:20 Chancellor – Combines Rook and Knight

    0:37 Archbishop – Combines Bishop and Knight

    0:52 General – Combines King and Knight

    1:19 Camel – A knight that has a vector of 3,1 and 1,3

    1:34 Gnu – Combines Camel and Knight

    1:48 Grasshopper – Moves by jumping over a piece, landing immediately behind it. It captures on the square it lands on.

    2:03 Ferz/Minister – Replaced Queen until 1475. Its a king that can't move orthogonally but can move diagonally.

    2:19 Wazir – A king that only moves orthogonally (Horizontally and vertically).

    2:32 Alfil – Replaced bishop until 1475. It moves by leaping a vector of 2,2.

    2:53 Dababba – It moves by leaping a vector of 0,2.

    3:08 Ali-baba – Combines Alfil and Dababba.

    3:27 Xiangqi Horse – A knight that can't leap over pieces.

    3:43 Berolina – A pawn that moves diagonally and captures directly forwards.

    3:58 Soldier – A pawn that both moves and captures forwards directly.

    4:10 Knight rider – A knight that repeats it's move infinitely.

    4:30 Camel rider – A canel that repeats it's move infinitely.

    4:45 Alfil rider – An Alfil that repeats it's move infinitely.

    5:02 Dabbaba rider – A Dabbaba that repeats it's move infinitely.

    5:19 Ali-baba rider – Combines Alfil rider and Dabbaba rider.

    5:35 Dragon bishop – Combines Xiangqi horse and Bishop.

    5:52 Stone General – A pawn that both moves and captures diagonally.

    6:04 Sergeant – A pawn that moves and captures othorgonally and diagonally (forwards).

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