In this video I try Atomic Chess. It is one of many chess variants available on chess.com – there is Fog of War, Automate, Giveaway, 4 Player Chess, and many others.

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0:24 RULES

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  1. GothamChess playing MajesticCreek: Lot of new players it seems like.
    After the game: regrets it

  2. couldent u have moved your queen? to get out the way so you dont lose a queen or you lose?

  3. At 22 min you could play pawn up 1 therefore knight cannot take it

  4. You said knight f7 2 times in the beginning levy

  5. In the game Levy lost the opponent was most certainly a cheater – I checked all his moves with engine on Lichess, all of them were top engine move.

  6. So atomic is more fun if you dont know the openings? How do you come to this conclusion without knowing openings?

  7. Thank you.I just won for the first time in atomic after watching this.🤣

  8. MajesticCreek played really well. Suspiciously well…

    I did a bit of analysis and found every move he played was either a top move or 2nd best. This guy is solid, or maybe…

    Oh. His account was closed for fair play violation. So he cheated.

  9. 11:58 if he blocked with the knight then pawn takes, queen takes queen is game. He didn’t have to queen sac

  10. King mutually assured destruction 😂

  11. you said you would play in the pool. where is the pool levy?!?!

  12. At 11:48, what if you checked MajesticCreek with your bishop? Would that have resulted in a queen trade?

  13. I love atomic chess do you play atomic in lichess?

  14. this seems the ideal scenario to play the intercontinental ballistic missile variation of the tennison gambit.

  15. MajesticCreek is literally Nikhil Kamath

  16. 960 itself is lame, don't add new variants to the pre existing rules

  17. In the last game you had a completely winning move, it was move 4, you could've immediately played knight e4. It would've won the queen or the game…
    Edit: it was already possible by move 3

  18. "You can hang pieces sometimes"
    Oh boy. Thats my cup of tea

  19. Ah yes, atomic chess. Im happy to relive my memories of "I move my queen and nuke your king. Again."
    Happy to see others suffer the "please stop letting me win" disease of atomic chess

  20. How my first atomic chess game unfolded (I played as White):

    1. e4 d5 2. exd5 (e and d pawns explode) Qxd2#

  21. Castling isn't a good idea in this variant because it boxes off your king and creates 4 ways for the opponent to win by adjacent capture

  22. fun chess fact: all pawns are girls because they can all turn into a queen

  23. Oh no, you need to play it on lichess – most of the fun is about the loud crashing sound

  24. When are you doing a guide on Giveaway Chess?

  25. Hmm so Hikaru was playing Atomic Chess that time…now I understand…

  26. levy couldve played Nf6 because after dxe5, his pawn on d5 would explode which opens the e file for the queen to deliver "checkmate"

  27. “Dude our kings just touched tips”
    “Lol I know”
    “Are we gay…?”
    “No Just atomically curious”

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