In this video I try Atomic Chess. It is one of many chess variants available on chess.com – there is Fog of War, Automate, Giveaway, 4 Player Chess, and many others.

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0:24 RULES

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  1. Now this has demonstrated to me the genius and gamechanging nature of playing chess on an electronic medium, which I had regarded at best as convenient yet artistically inferior. This video has completely blown that opinion away. Whole different sets of rules and styles are now possible which wouldn't be practical OTB

  2. 22:03 Use the bishop to stop the queen and king attack then push a3 then move rook away

  3. My dumbass self would commit Nelson fr XD

  4. Personally I believe that bishops are much better then knights in atomic chess

  5. The only way for kings to hug is through… Atomic annihilation

  6. this game should be named as sucide squad

  7. i think Kamikaze chess would be a better name for this variation

  8. I feel like this mode would work better with the Fischer variation.

  9. the MagesticCreek dude got banned for cheating!

  10. As someone who has a channel named after a nuclear birb, Atomic Chess is fun and I will try it.

  11. I think this game was made by terrorist as there pieces are sucide bombers.🤣

  12. "In my opinion, atomic is a lot more fun when you don't know the openings."

    My 900 self feels the same way about regular chess


  13. at 11:23, can't you let them take with the pawn blowing up your 2 pawns and the knight but you have queen takes queen exploding the king next ?

  14. Еман я думал у шахмат не было обновления пару сотен лет.

  15. Atomic is like playing chess blockade, just block everything non stop.

  16. Well there was a game of chess in real life, AND IN THESE MODERN TIMES WE GOT ATOMIC IN REAL LIFE

  17. majesticcreeks account was closed for fair play lmao

  18. 11:52 correct me if im wrong but cant he just move the queen 1 square right , then when the oponent moves his bishop to above the king he just moves his king up-right and the oponent takes his bishop, killing along his knight? like uh… queen to e8 and king to d7? oooh im using coordinate(or watev its named) now, im a big boi

    btw, that'd be better,right? a bishop and a knight arent as good as a queen, right? i think im right.
    well- but then again, i always think im right so , meh.

  19. bro played against and indian person and lost immediately 💀💀

  20. 9:55 I am confused as to how the other pawns survived the explosion… can someone explain because I though it was suppose to be consistently 1 square radius.

  21. it's 2022 and I'm going to try this variant for first time

  22. If Osama bin laden grew up to be a chess player:

  23. 0:54 "PIECES, NOT PAWNS" I'm pretty sure pawns are pieces in the game.

  24. What a stupid idea of playing chess

  25. one crazy thing i always fall for in atomic chess is that when you have your opponent in +, he can actually get out of it if he has a move that explodes your king. even if your king would be exploded on your opponent's next move otherwise.

  26. It would be interesting to traing AIs to play these chess variations, just to see what atomic chess looks like at the highest level

  27. Knicht e5 is not a 100% win, i had a game as white and got my knicht there and was not a checkmate cuz if your aponnent moves both pawns its not checkmate

  28. Currently 1600 in atomic, very fun yet hard to get into because of all of the 2000s that play the varient lmao

  29. The first one you lost to might have been cheating

  30. in the final game you can do Queen a8 because if Knight takes he can't take Queen

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