Every Chess Variant Explained In 11 Minutes


  1. 😑😐🤨🤮no

    He messed up

    Xiangqi,janggi,shogi and chaturanga arent chess variants theyre regional chess types that existed longer than modern chess

    As an indian im proud to say that we invented earliest form of chess or chaturanga

  2. Bugshouse chess will make the bishop from the blue dimension a real thing

  3. Hand and Brain; the brain may only announce the peice that is to be moved. They may say move a knight, or a queen but they may mot say knight to f3, in standard hand and brain the brain is usually an experienced player; i.e. 1800+ while the hand is a beginner i.e. <1200, this often creates humorous situations where the brain sees a good move but the hand plays a bad move.

  4. As a "professional" horde player you got everything down to a t, everything depends on confusing the other person so you can either one up them or confuse yourself

  5. “once you go black you never go back” 💀

  6. For chess960 there are actually two requirements: the bishops must be on opposite colors and the king must be in between the rooks.

  7. There's nothing wrong with my handle

  8. Just dont make too many adult jokes lmfao video is great tho and very detailed in very short time idk how you do it.

  9. Like this comment if you hate the ai voice

  10. i started play xiangqi in my class (i play it on recess)

  11. The 4D Schach and the Schach gegen sich selbst are still missing. Beloved by certain german YouTubers everywhere.

  12. You forgot Janggi, the Korean variant of chess.

  13. Brain and hand has the brain saying a piece and then the hand choosing which one and where to move it

  14. Erm, you forgot about chess 2 ☝️🤓

  15. “The rules are the same as regular chess, except for these changes. For a refresher of those rules, check out this video.” -Triple S Games

  16. 4d/5d chess [its 4d he used a teseract which is 4d] is like "you didnt see my bishop from a different point of time did you?!"

  17. You didn't include king fu chess, it's chess without turns and every piece has a cool down

  18. I seriously thought this video is about Pokemon types when i saw the thumbnail😂😂😂

  19. People say "when will chess 2 come out" when we have an entire series

  20. The craziest thing about Xiangqi is that it has game lore based on the Chu–Han Contention, which happened in the 3rd century BC. They hadn’t invented gunpowder at that time, so the 砲/炮 pieces are actually catapults.

  21. da 5D chess one was a bit personal bro💀☠💀☠

  22. Asian chess is honestly pretty cool

  23. im currently making a variant , hopefully it gets the attraction one day that it gets in your video

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