Every Chess Variant Explained In 11 Minutes


  1. Xiangqi isn’t a variant of chess, it is developed separately from chess in china

  2. Whilst we get it ready

  3. Infinite chess is literally like:

    “Yes it is-“
    that bishop that’s 170 billion squares away:

  4. I thought up a variant I call "Gravity Chess", where the board rotates 90 degrees every set number of turns. But the pawns still must move from one player's side to the other player's side to promote.

    I'll have to find someone nearby to explain it to one day 😄

  5. Bruh it’s 10 minutes and 58 seconds long

  6. 8:22 My man rook was having fun with Mrs thiccest a$$ 😏😏🥵🤤

  7. the bishop is a sniper he can shoot a bullet to the gap and teleport to the bullet

  8. " 7:28 god damn i believe you now" WHAT THE FLARP 😍🙏🥵‼

  9. Bruhhh Chess is a variant of chaturanga, chaturanga is grandfather of chess

  10. I genuinely hate the "knight + (insert piece here)" pieces when played in the same game as a regular knight & (insert piece here). It just feels like the Queen vs Bishop/Rook, but worse, because it steps on the toes of a the most niche piece. The only possible exception is the Pawn/Knight, because it's at least kinda interesting

    Perhaps if Bishop, Rook, Knight, and King were just outright replaced with their hybrid counterparts, it would actually be interesting, or at least more facepaced

  11. “Everything I have is the opposite of his”
    Queen: “ok I believe you now”

  12. This isn't 5d chess this is 4d coz time is the fourth dimension

  13. Nice video, just missed kung fu chess, wich is a great variant

  14. Where are janggi, shatranj, makruk, congo, checkers, sittuyin.

  15. Great video, just missing Casablanca Chess and Chess 18.

  16. About half of these variants is too fast, boring or complicated to play. For example:Atomic and Three Check — too fastUpside Down, Giveaway and Chaturanga — too boring5D chess, Hexagon and Shogi — too complicatedMeanwhile, Chess 960, King Of The Hill, Racing Kings (and some more) — simple, but elegant

  17. Most of chess variants

    All picese are nerfed while pawns are buffed

  18. Quantum chess ! Ok that one is new to me. Ironically, I made my own super position chess a couple weeks ago.

  19. You forgot about pako sako and hundreds of other variants 😅

  20. A man by the name of Ed Trice came up with an improvement of Capablanca Chess called Gothic Chess. It is my favorite variant, especially when it is combined with Bughouse. Gothic Bughouse brings a whole new level of insanity to the game.

  21. 🤓☝️erm,you forgot about normal chess

  22. Chess thugs is da goat 🐐 frfr💯💯💯

  23. Good video. Hand and brain isn't quite right because if the brain announces the piece and location, that isn't a variant. They only announce the name of the piece and the hand has to guess the move and which piece they are thinking about.

  24. once you go black you never go back💀💀

  25. You forgot ouroboros king which is basically chess if it was an rogue like or rpg…

  26. Spell chess more like clash of clan chess

  27. Where is Renniassance Chess? Did you guys just miss that
    one?? 😲

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