Even More New Chess Pieces!

In this video, I play my first ever game of “Chess XXL” a crazy new variant which involves several new types of chess pieces on a giant 14×14 chess board.
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  1. "My opponent is good at this game"? DUDE! This is the first time you are playing and you have NO IDEA of what the crazy pieces even DO – be gentle with your self 🙂 BTW I love the gigantic sized board – we would never be able to set this up on a normal table . . .

  2. Honestly I don't get struggling this hard in this mode

  3. there is a name convention, to call the combined knightpeaces mounted. S the "kight" would be mounted king. the "quight" would be a mounted queen. the "hawk" would be a mounte bishop. and the "right" would be a mounte rook.

  4. Alpacas and llamas are technically camels.

  5. "It's like a supercharged knight"
    On that board it is probably as good as a knight or slightly better. On 8×8 camels is worth perhaps 2-2.5 pawns.

  6. Me normally when you play chess: "I have no idea what you're doing."
    Me when you play variants: "you have no idea what you're doing."

  7. Playing 1500-rated Blitz when you don't know how the pieces move is not the easiest thing ever.

  8. "knights are terrible because the board is so open."
    Well, only compared to sliders for that reason. They also need 4 developing moves to reach the opponent's half of the board, though, which IMO is a much bigger weakness. They are too slow to be useful offensively. That's why the camel, despite being colorbound, is arguably better than the knight at large board size even if it's decidedly worse on 8×8.

  9. "bishops are way more valuable than knights."
    Yes. If there are 36 pieces remaining on the board (basically assuming a few (20) captures have taken place), the average mobility of a bishop is 10.19 vs a knights' 6.37. On the standard board with a similar fraction of pieces captured, those numbers are 5.91 and 2.25.
    The Amazon has an utterly bonkers 29.4 average mobility.

  10. An Amazon for a rook and camel is definitely not a good trade lol.

  11. "Oh no my pawn"
    No. Oh no their Amazon. Your camel could've recaptured. That was a catastrophic blunder for them.

  12. I kinda like making there be multiple royal pieces with weak powers of movement in variants. Like, howabout you get a royal Wazir and Ferz?

  13. "oh no your queen"
    That was an even trade. Their camel was defending it.

  14. Someone should run a game analysis on this.
    Obviously the analysis feature for variants like this should just have Baka Mitai playing in the background.

  15. This is the largest chess battle field I've ever seen…

  16. me personally I always like to start with Chancellor-l3, if they take a passive move instead of pushing their l pawn one square, you get the l pawn followed by the rook, people like to see pieces in this game as very expendable so they ignore the chancellor until it's pinning the general while the archbishop cuts off the escape route being on n6 as the amazon crashes down onto j13. classic checkmate.

  17. btw the "Quite" is actually called The Amazon, but I like quite better lol

  18. These new pieces are just the knight mixed with a random piece

  19. It's a nice variant, but imho the main issue is that the bigger the board the emptier it gets in proportion. So it feels like a cool but exaggerated concept. I would be really curious to see what would happen "simply" on a 9×9 board, where maybe the "knight+queen" piece is balanced by the fact that it can't capture pawns (call it the hero or paladin idk, the idea is that the piece is too pure to kill civilians lol)

  20. Today so far in summary enjoy the rest of 16th of Ramadan

  21. you missed the perfect opportunity to call it the night king (got)

  22. That ending when he blunderd 3-4 pieces to one knite was so hard to watch…

  23. Fun to see you blundering crazily while also being awesome at chess as usual

  24. Me watching him miss mate in one multiple times in a row

  25. These new pieces have boring uninspired design.
    There are too many animal shaped pieces.

  26. New piece idea: Foal moves like a small L

  27. we can still have more pieces
    Camel + knight = hippo
    Camel + queen = zebra
    Camel + bishop = panda
    Camel + rook = dolphin
    Camel + king = lieutenant
    Camel + general(that’s the knight + king) = commander
    Camel + archbishop(that’s the knight + bishop) = pope
    Camel + chancellor(that’s the knight + rook)= wizard
    Camel + amazon(that’s the knight + queen)= Valkyrie

  28. The camel is a (1,3) leaper, which moves 1 square horizontally and 3 vertically or vice versa, not really powerful since it is color bounded

    The knight with a king's crown is usually called knighted king or crowned knight, both represent a king + knight compound.

    The knight with bishop feet is called a princess, cardinal, or archbishop and I believe they're more names for it, it moves like a bishop or a knight.

    The knight with rook feet is called empress, chancellor, knook or a marshal, it moves like a knight or a rook.

    The knight with queen's crown is usually called amazon, it moves like a queen or a knight, so it can mimic all moves except en passant and castling. An interesting fact is that it competed with queen for being on the standard chess set, but eventually lose since it's so powerful

  29. bro that is fairy tale chess and the stroges peis is the amozon.😍😍😍😍

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