Eric and I Created a New Chess Variant

WGM Dina Belenkaya and IM @eric-rosen play a new extreme chess variant involving table tennis. Part of Dina’s IRL Twitch stream during the World Cup in Sochi!

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  1. 3 shot in guy was like ! DINA !* in my head hey ..take it easy bro way too agresive flijfljlfl XD

  2. first match : scholar's mate, that's promissing :O

  3. Amazing idea! But having the chess board on the table is a terrible idea, it gets in the way of both the table tennis and the chess.

  4. Dina, President Putin will not be happy you losing to American.

  5. Yeah I'm definitely trying this game tomorrow 😂😂

  6. So how many time eric has mate the queen already :v?

  7. I think this would be the only variation of chess I can beat Dina and Eric

  8. Может лучше играть до двух побед в ряд в теннис, чтобы сделать ход в шахматах?
    Чуть менее обидно будет случайно промахиваться в теннис)
    Ну и стол в центре стола – подходит только если вы можете восстановить любую позицию на доске и у вас хватает на это терпения)) шахматы на стуле рядом – было бы практичнее)
    А так круто, прям два любимых занятия в одном 😀

  9. But that should be played with taking the king. Else it makes no sense, does it.

  10. I love this new type of chess 🙂 Dina you are beautiful! Oh no my king!

  11. This was a fun stream and video. If only we got to see Rosen and MVL play Dina and Nemo.

  12. Wow i commented this type of game in the video of you with mvl
    Well I guess Erin is the one who first who had this idea

  13. Eric is a world ping pong champion, if you watch his videos you will see he has beaten all chess players on ping pong.

  14. In my chess club there are 8 players in our table-tennis club together with me. It's going to be a lot of fun – thank you very much for this idea. But we will place the board outside the table.

    PS. Imagine the stafford wit 3 moves i a raw …. LOl

  15. What if you don't get a move when you're on check?

  16. In very ancient variants of chess, you had to run a dice to decide who will move next. This is an amazing improvement!

  17. кошерная игра!

  18. What happens if the ball hits and knocks pieces off the board? Would that be ping pong demolition chess?

  19. Why do you hang out with Indians? Don't you have enough white men there?

  20. This variation should be king capture only, because you can escape any checkmate if you're good enough at table tennis (which is to say you shouldn't have lost that first game lol).

  21. Whoever is the better ping pong player wins. Just use the knight and capture everything. (OH IF BISHOP CHECKS (9:51) and the Other Player CANNOT MOVE, that's CHECKMATE!!!!!!!!)

  22. The goal should be to capture the king in this variant.

  23. Wait, what if you just check then win the next move?

  24. Saw this only now, fun thing is that Dina is superior ping pong player but does not relax enough.

  25. Careful with that Eric. He will try to trap you with rare, unsound gambits.

    This is a variant where chess grandmasters will lose to average people every time.

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