Dwarven Chess: The Chess Variant of Chess Variants’s…app ;)

Dwarven Chess is available on the Mac App Store, Apple iOS App Store, and Google Play Store. It contains online 3D Standard Chess, ( with a nice Coffee table background), or online player vs player (aka multiplayer) with “Dwarven Chess Rules”. Over 30 unique pieces and 15 custom backgrounds make this game and storyline a visual treat, while over 50 levels of play bring increasing challenges and unique puzzles.

Play as the Dwarves to start, as they fend off increasing Goblin raids on their territory, then, if you want more, really challenge yourself with the Goblin Campaign as they join forces with the Western Orcs and some new mysterious allies from the far north….

Dwarven Chess is not Chess, it’s Chess evolved! Goblin pawns can move two at a time to start, symbolically representing their speed and recklessness on the board, while Dwarven Pawns are slow to develop but strong, able to attack forwards and sideways, but not diagonally. Special pieces never before seen in the game of Chess are released when leaders castle- releasing the Dwarven Mortar and Ogre Warrior Pawns for the Goblins!

If you like strategy, you’ll like this game. If you like Chess, you’ll like this game. If you like Trading Cards, TCG’s, you’ll like this game. If you don’t like challenge, don’t like to think, and aren’t interested in turn- based strategy, but only like shooters, you won’t like this game!


  1. Where can I find the rules for this game?

  2. Very cool and unique chess game. Can't wait until you have new content.

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