In this video, I play my very first game of Duck Chess. This is a new funny and entertaining chess variant that involves a duck. If you want to see more duck chess, leave a quack in the comments πŸ¦†
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  1. Eric maybe the duck chess was invented by FM Mark The Duck from Coffee Chess Channel lol

  2. Finally the Duck man gets to play his own quack variant πŸ’–

  3. "You should always place a duck in the way of your opponent's best move." Can I please take that out of context and repeat it with attribution while pretending it was a quote about regular chess? πŸ™‚

  4. Man, that was hard. Your opponent kept ducking your checkmate attempts at the end there.

  5. The value of knight goes up, because it can't be obstructed by the duck. Bishop and rook can get badly stuck a duck'd.

  6. (in a very serious and reflective tone) "I should've played duck A3."

  7. Eric, the king can move into a check lol, the only way to stalemate is if the king has no unoccupied squares around it.

  8. 6:44 can the queen just take the knight and then block itself from the white bishop with the duck?

  9. both sides straightup joggling the duckling around each others queen for 5 moves or so so funny

  10. I would be very happy if you upload more duck chess. This is such a cool chess variant!

  11. Where can I play duck chess online?

  12. I love how in a lot of these variants suddenly the knight becomes an ultra powerful piece.

  13. At 12:12, could white have taken Bxg4 and blocked the check with duck e3 or similar? Or am I missing something?

  14. This variant is glorious. It could be used for Handicaps as well, the weaker player gets to place one or more ducks while the stronger doesn't until the weaker catches up

  15. Best Chess Varient yet. They didn't have to make it a duck. But they made it a duck and that makes the game.

  16. Maybe you're down a piece, but you still have the duck

  17. i want to see more content on this variant and more youtubers playing it

  18. 9:15 translated: it'd be cool if there's a Levy Rozman swearing sound effect in this game every time the duck is placed

  19. Cute. Triple check is possible. Double check, then move the duck away to discover a third check.

  20. I believe you could win with 26. Duck F1 and rock C1 +

  21. Oh God… I laugh my ass off whenever he says 'Duck'

  22. I don't think there is a stalemate, because there are no checks in this variant.

  23. Duck Chess is both fun & a good calculation training exercise πŸ¦†
    You have to use your duck to block your opponents best move, so you always need to think about your opponents reply πŸ…πŸ¦†πŸ¦†

  24. 17:01 was Qh1 mate there? Enjoyed the 2 minutes of struggle to find it afterwards anyway.

  25. "I should have premoved Duck A3." -Eric Rosen

  26. I never thought this would funny 😭😭

  27. I like watching Eric, it is like therapy

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