Dragon Pieces In Chess (ChessCraft)

The added chess piece, Dragon. It atcs diagonally (Bishop) or two steps outward and then one step sideways (Knight) in any direction. Unlimit distance if acts diagonally. And it also hop over other piece if acts like a Knight.

Piece’s code: 8RF



– Monody / TheFatRat:




  1. Mine dragon moves like a regular knight, but one square further

  2. The dragon moves passively like a knight, capturing pieces like a queen + knight.

  3. This is a well known fairy chess piece, usually by different name though. Without knight promotion though

  4. That's just the Knight with the Bishop hat.
    Names: Archbishop, Princess

    Edit: Was the promotion an edit or is there an option for promotions.

  5. Bubblun The Bubble Dragon (Bubble Bobble leader) says:

    Pawn Promotion: Pawn to Knight
    Super Promotion: Knight to Dragon

  6. Dragon by chesscraft itself actually moves like a knight only cuz yea it flies over pieces. Attacks like knight + queen so its powerful, make sense

  7. i have a similar dragon piece but with long range

  8. ummm theirs a variant of chess called jester chess and a jester moves like how ur dragon peice moves so hate to break it you cant call it your own

  9. Here's a bit of a weird question

    If you could make a Chess game with dragons as the game pieces instead of the originals, what TYPE of dragon would represent each one?

    The two examples I can think of would be wyvrns playing the part of Pawns and the more iconic four-legged dragons (whose name escapes me) can be the kings and queens on the board

  10. The added chess piece, Prince.King that cannot be mated. Moves like a king and attacks 2 squares orthogonally. Hops over pieces when it’s attacking.

  11. Darn it just bring this to iOS already

  12. that is called an amazon or an archbisiop

  13. Bro I can't open a single game in this app. Help please.

  14. You can already buy a set of pieces of two dragons.

  15. 𝔼𝔻𝕀̇𝕋ℂ𝕀̇𝕐𝕀̇ℤ_ℂℝ𝟟 says:

    I Press "Create Map" But Nothing Happens Please Help

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